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From Zero Experience to Commercial Jet Job in 6 month, Applications now being accepted for accelerated career pilot program for new pilots

If you have the flying bug then this is the program for you”

— Alan Semsar

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Alan Semsar, CEO of the experiential marketing company Barcelona Enterprises, is a renowned luxury expert with over a decade of experience partnering with the world’s biggest brands has now added private aviation pilot to his resume and is paving the way for new pilots through a very affordable accelerated pilot program based in Las Vegas.

Semsar recalls, “My first memory as a kid was playing captain of an airplane and my mom playing a flight attendant with a lunch box as my meal. Through the years, my dream was to be an airline pilot and as I grew up, we didn’t really have an opportunity for me to enter the field due to the huge barrier to entry, it is a very expensive process to become a pilot.”

This program is designed to train and launch new pilots into their aviation career in less than six months with no upfront money out of your pocket.

Semsar wants to share his journey in hopes that this will inspire new pilots and not be deterred by cost.
He says that life changed drastically for everyone, especially businesses, during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Semsar explained, “The pandemic shuttered our doors, and we lost our business including the investments made so far. We didn’t qualify for any government aid, so we had to close shop and then we got sued for letting people go… unbelievable.”

“I had to figure out a new way to create business and I had to do a lot of soul searching, interviewing other people and I took my time to figure out what could be next?! And then I recalled my dream as a 5-year-old boy who was the captain of a commercial airline.”

And that was the spark that he needed to pivot his business into a lifelong dream and now wants to help new pilots live out their dreams and save money at the same time.

Semsar signed up for “Ground School” that’s where pilots learn in a classroom setting, and since it was during COVID he had to do the course online. And he immediately started the flying lessons.

Semsar adds, “There was a lot of learning that came from going through the process so now I have a plan for anyone who has the desire to fly or as they call it “The Flying Bug.”

Semsar’s advice to young people wanting to become a pilot.

He says, “I would tell them to sign-up for KING School for their ground school. Then fly with a lot of local flight schools to see which school is their FIT and which instructor they can jive with. Your instructor needs to be experienced and patient. Most important of all is you must like the person because you will spend at least 70 to 100 hours in an aircraft and more hours on the ground with that instructor planning your flights.”

The budget is about $20,000 for the process if you are doing it on your own.
However, you can join a program like the United Airlines Aviate, or Delta Airlines Propel program where the companies pay for your schooling in return for your commitment to work for them.

Semsar added, “I would highly suggest joining a program like that of Cirrus Aviation’s Pilot Development Program (PDP) based out of Las Vegas.”

He says, “It’s a great program that offers the opportunity to become a pilot in a short amount of time with a great starting pay of $60K and you can fly all over the world!”
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