Alliance Advances Time to Benefit for Yellowbrick Users with Simple Data Migration Optimized for Speed with a Pathway to the Cloud

SUNNYVALE, CA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2022 / — Equalum, a best-in-class provider of data integration and ingestion solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Yellowbrick Data, the leading hybrid multi-cloud data warehouse vendor. The partnership leveraging the Equalum platform enables a more simple, efficient, and higher-performance migration of data from legacy environments to the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse hosted in the user’s preferred commercial cloud environment.

Announced during the 2022 AWS Summit in San Francisco, the best-of-breed partnership combines Equalum’s enterprise-grade data integration and streaming platform with Yellowbrick’s modern, elastic, cloud-enabled, SQL-based data warehouse that users consume as a platform-as-a-service. The simplicity of Equalum’s solution allows Yellowbrick users to fully utilize the elastic data warehouse provider’s infrastructure which is unique in its ability to span GCP, Azure, AWS, and on-premises environments, to integrate data within a single data repository.

Yellowbrick’s modern, elastic data warehouse provides separate storage and compute and runs on-premises and in the cloud. The cloud-native platform enables large-scale enterprises to eliminate complexity, reduce risk, and predict and control costs by running their data in the optimal environment for their workloads. Yellowbrick allows enterprises to run complex queries on live data at petabyte scale in their own cloud account, while supporting high concurrency with fast, interactive query response to customers’ most challenging business questions.

Equalum leverages YBLoad to integrate data into the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse. Once complete, the user has access to advanced management and analytics capabilities, allowing them to conduct queries against very large data sets. With infinite scalability, Yellowbrick is ideal for large scale environments where the requirement for fast data ingestion is needed to control data migration costs. Paired with Equalum, the solution offers users rapid data deployment and real-time processing – quickly and efficiently.

“With Equalum, users have the opportunity to fully utilize and optimize Yellowbrick’s toolset and capabilities, with a well-integrated solution to move data from the broadest range of sources,” said Allen Holmes, VP of Business Development at Yellowbrick. “The combination of both platforms provides outstanding price/performance leadership for large scale environments where fast data ingestion is needed to control data migration costs.”

“Equalum’s integration with Yellowbrick allows joint customers to truly experience the benefits of a modern, elastic data warehouse – designed to streamline data management and accelerate data analytics,” said Erez Alsheich, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Equalum. “The synergies between our organizations are many, making this a natural fit as we outperform more limited legacy solutions.”

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