coccyx cushions

coccyx cushions

coccyx cushions

coccyx cushions

Ergo21 Coccyx Cushions Provide Ultimate Comfort and Relief for Tailbone Pain and Make Seating Experience Blissful

The LiquiCell technology employs a fusion of water-filled membranes, which are strategically placed on pressure points. ”

— Steve Gambhir

NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2023/ — Ergo21, a California-based manufacturer of back support cushions, has gained much attention in the cushion industry due to its use of the revolutionary LiquiCell technology that aims at delivering exceptional comfort, support, and flexibility to users. By focusing on the comfort and health needs of users, the brand has created an array of coccyx cushions that are solely meant for relieving lower back pain and other posture-related health problems of users, especially the elderly individuals and the various professionals including truck drivers, police officers, pilots, etc. who ought to sit for a prolonged period.

Sitting, working, or driving for long hours often causes pain in the tailbone which can prove to be troublesome and lead to tailbone injuries and soreness if not prevented through proper care. To avoid this pain and enable users to enjoy a blissful seating experience for individuals, Ergo21 has launched the coccyx cushions or tailbone cushions. These cushions are exclusively crafted using premium quality materials and ensure to provide the desired support and comfort to your sitting bones. Apart from coccyx cushions, the brand is widely loved for its striking collection of wheelchair cushions, lumbar support cushions, sports car seat cushions, and many more.

The history of Ergo21 has its roots in Steve Gambhir’s (the founder’s) unpleasant sitting experience during everyday commute of four to six hours on the Los Angeles freeways while doing his job. He suffered from extreme back discomfort and started purchasing various types of cushions to get relief from the pain but none of those cushions could meet his expectations. Remembering his struggle to find the best cushion, Gambhir says, “I tried using a different cushion every month to relieve the back pain from long hours in the car. Finally, my wife said, ‘Why don’t you design your own cushion?’ So I did.”

It cannot be denied that back pain is a common health problem for individuals sitting for extended periods of time. A poor back posture can affect the tailbone, thereby giving to a number of health problems such as sciatica, hip pain, compressed discs, arthritis, tail burn, numbness, lower back pain, coccydynia, fidgeting, and fatigue. With an exponential increase in back-related health problems, it becomes essential to find good cushions. Here comes the need of Ergo21’s tailbone cushions! These cushions come in a unique shape and design and conform to the body contours of the users for providing a comfortable seating experience.

Crafted with utmost care and precision, the coccyx cushion of Ergo21 has high-density foam at its base which is soft, supportive, and perfectly helps in reducing pressure on coccyx, tailbone, and hip bone while sitting, thus forming an excellent option for individuals suffering from tailbone injuries and back pain. The wow factor of these cushions is enhanced by the infusion of the advanced LiquiCell technology which proves to be highly efficient in improving blood flow.

The LiquiCell technology employs a fusion of water-filled membranes, which are strategically placed on pressure points. The purpose of this technology is to reduce discomfort arising from improper posture and prolonged contact between the user’s body and the sitting object. The flow of the liquid controls the compression of the soft tissues of the back and reduces the perpendicular pressure, thereby extending support to the sit bones.

As per evidence gained from medical and scientific research, the conventional components used in making coccyx cushions such as gels, foams, or air can reduce perpendicular pressure and provide relief from back discomfort only to some extent. These components cannot withstand the negative impact of shear stress or skin friction that play a major role in stimulating back pain and pressure sores. However, the LiquiCell membranes when introduced in the Ergo21 tailbone cushions provide the necessary lubrication between the back and the object to reduce shear stress and skin friction. The ultra-thin, liquid-filled cells remain in constant motion allowing the user’s body to glide and float.

Every LiquiCell pad is lightweight, pliable, and contains urethane membranes sealed in low-viscosity liquid. These membranes distribute the pressure and make it easy to sit for a prolonged period of time. A local US foundry provided Ergo21 with a specific density open cell foam that is meant to absorb road vibrations without being uncomfortable for the sitting muscles. Then, a specially designed LiquiCell Membrane is applied on top to enhance blood flow while safeguarding delicate skin tissues from deterioration.

Besides bringing a unique combination of the high-density foam with the state-of-the-art LiquiCell technology in the coccyx cushions, Ergo21 has given them a unique shape and design. The cushions are framed with a special rear notched cut-out unlike the conventional donut pillows for tailbone and prove to have a multi-faceted use in tailbone and lower back-related medical conditions. Available in four different sizes, that is, Regular, Large, Deluxe, and Extra Large, the ergonomically-constructed Ergo 21 tailbone cushions can accommodate individuals of varying weight. No matter if the user is traveling, sitting at home, or working at the office, these cushions always ensure advanced lumbar support and superior comfort. However, the cut-out cushions are not recommended for use on recliners, wheelchairs, or in cars as one has no movements in these situations to place oneself on the exact cut out.

Dedicated to offering smart solutions to counteract the health issues related to lower back pain, Ergo21 is a leading name in the industry. With an exhaustive range of lumbar support cushions, including wheelchair cushions, original cushions, sports cushions, coccyx cushions, lumbar cushions, travel cushions, mesh chair set cushions and more, the company has gained 1000+ positive reviews across multiple platforms including 500+ five-star reviews on Amazon. Gambhir’s keen interest in improving the quality of life of customers through focused innovation has led Ergo21 to achieve a significant milestone of selling over 100,000 unique cushion units recently. This has further motivated the founder to give a thought to expansion in the existing line of products.

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