Comisar on the road to redemption

Former con man and actor giving back to make amends for his criminal conduct.

Character is what you do when nobody’s watching.”

— Steve Comisar

LOS ANGELES , CA, USA, February 9, 2023 / — Steve Comisar started out as a child actor in Beverly Hills, California. His mother would drive him and Jodie Foster and Helen Hunt to auditions. Soon Comisar would be booking roles in movies, television shows, and commercials. After studying method acting with Lee Strasberg in New York Comisar became a well trained acting machine. Everyone told Comisar he was a natural and to be patient because success was coming. Patience was not Comisar’s strong suit so instead of waiting for Steven Spielberg to call him he used his acting skills to con wealthy investors out of millions.

Fresh out of prison for fraud in 2017 Comisar tried to dive back in to the acting game but Hollywood was giving him the cold shoulder. It seemed that nobody wanted to hire a criminal just released from federal prison. So Comisar did what all smart people do. He changed course and decided to try something completely different. So while the Jodie Fosters and Helen Hunts were starring in movies and collecting Oscars, Steve Comisar would be making amends for his wrongdoings by giving back to society.

On Saturday night, February 4, 2023, Comisar sent a family of four to see The Lion King from the second row of the iconic Hollywood Pantages theater. The VIP package worth over $5000 gives the family back stage access where they had a meet and greet with the cast and received a VIP gift bag filled with Disney swag.

The Lion King is the longest running and most successful Broadway show in history. A Disney spokesman said, “Thanks to Mr. Comisar’s generosity this family shared a happy memory they will remember for the rest of their lives. What a good way to give back. We’re all proud of what Comisar is doing and everyone at Disney hopes he will continue his efforts.”

At first Comisar contacted the Make-A-Wish foundation but they did not want theater tickets. They were only looking for cash donations or WWE Superstars who wanted to fly all over the country and meet sick children. So Comisar personally selected the financially troubled family of 4 himself and sent them the second row VIP tickets. After the show the entire family was crying because they were so happy and grateful that a total stranger was kind and generous towards them.

Next month Comisar is giving away 2 ringside tickets to WWE SmackDown at the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles. This live TV taping includes the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. This is on the Friday right before Wrestlemania on Saturday and Sunday also in Los Angeles.

Comisar is in the progress of cashing in his 2.6 million lifetime Marriott Hotel points for close to 300 Starbucks gift certificates worth $25 each. Comisar has plans to hand these out to the homeless people in the neighborhood where he grew up. Comisar says, “When do you think the last time a homeless person had a nice hot cup of Starbucks coffee? This small gesture means a lot to someone who has nothing but the clothes in his back.”

Mark Wahlberg, Robert Downey Jr., Wesley Snipes, Danny Trejo, Tim Allen, Martha Stewart, and Christian Slater are just a few of the Hollywood A-listers who went to prison and came out even more successful than before. There’s no reason Steve Comisar can’t do the same thing. After all, Hollywood is the land of magic where dreams come true and stars are made overnight. In the meantime, if you’re looking for Steve Comisar you can find him on the road to redemption.

By: Lori Shore, Celebrity Newswire

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