Exponent Edge makes it easy to assemble your dream home gym.

Exponent Edge is committed to bringing innovative, patented, and top-selling exercise equipment to those who work out from home.

Exponent Edge can help those who are already reaping the benefits of a home gym see even greater results.”

— Exponent Edge and Renegade Founder and CEO, Jay Benoit

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA , USA, November 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The demand for home gym equipment skyrocketed when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, and commercial gyms shut their doors. And although in some ways life has returned to normal for many, working out at home is here to stay.

Demand for home gyms has continued to grow even since commercial gyms have opened. People have an easier time keeping up with their workout schedule and family life, thanks to the time saved by having their gym in the comfort of their own homes.

The most common thing stopping others from setting up a home gym is that they don’t know where to start. Putting together your home gym is difficult, confusing, and expensive.

Exponent Edge is creating products that are compact, efficient, and optimize your home gym space.

From space-saving products, equipment made to help you train your favorite exercises at home, and innovative one-of-a-kind products, Exponent Edge can help take training to the next level.

Exponent Edge and Renegade Founder and CEO, Jay Benoit, is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with 20 years of home gym experience. His expertise ensures even the most seasoned home gym operator can find unique products from Exponent Edge and improve home gym and workouts, too. The high-quality products at Exponent Edge are locally manufactured in the United States, unless clearly specified otherwise.

“Whether a person is an experienced home gym owner or beginning to assemble a home gym either to replicate familiar routines from a commercial gym or are just starting a workout journey, Exponent Edge has the right solution for everyone,” explains Benoit. “Every stage of a home gym can benefit from innovation and simplification.”

Those who are already working out in a home gym are uniformly reporting excellent results. According to recent studies, 90 per cent of Americans describe home workouts as equally effective as those performed at a commercial gym. The same percentage of Americans who began working out from home during the pandemic have indicated their intention to continue to do so.

“Exponent Edge can help those who are already reaping the benefits of a home gym see even greater results,” says Benoit. “Innovation is at the heart of Exponential Edge and as the home gym industry continues to evolve, customers can expect to find the latest and greatest offerings of in-home fitness to outfit home facilities. Exponential Edge has a full arsenal of products in development, many of which are unique to the industry.”

Home gym owners know how cumbersome an excess of equipment can be. And many people who would like to start a home gym avoid doing so because they are afraid they lack the space to sustain it. Exponent Edge offers space-sensitive workout items to help make every home gym more convenient.

Home gyms have revolutionized workouts for Americans across the country thanks to ease of access, convenience, and reduced costs in the long term compared to a monthly gym membership.

Exponent Edge makes it easy to assemble your dream home gym.

Visit www.exponentedge.com to innovate your home gym today.

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