Everything is a F*cking STORY

The 3 Circles of Behavior Echo-System

Announcing the publication of “Everything is a F*cking Story,” by renowned author Martin Grunburg.

Many of us don’t recognize the stories in our heads, confusing them with incessant chatter.”

— Martin Grunburg

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, October 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Equilibrium Enterprises, Inc., is proud to announce the publication of “Everything is a F*cking Story,” part of Martin Grunburg’s personal mastery trilogy that also includes The Habit Factor® and The Pressure Paradox™.

Grunburg, widely regarded as the “father of the modern habit-tracking movement,” is a renowned innovator in the behavior-change arena who released the world’s first habits-to-goals tracking app in 2009.

In EVERYTHING, Grunburg explains how humans think predominantly in terms of stories, carrying stories with us that – intentionally or not – fuel and direct our lives. “Your stories are at the heart of your life experience,” Grunburg explains. “We tell ourselves stories habitually – for days, weeks, months, years, perhaps even decades – that either moves us closer to our goals and ideals or, tragically, push them further away.”

For example, consider the entrepreneur whose stated goal was to grow their company’s revenue. Yet, they struggled for years, unaware of the subconscious, incongruent narrative telling them company growth would compromise time with their kids.

However, we have the power to correct and redirect our stories – and our lives. EVERYTHING shares a paradigm-shifting yet simple behavior model everyone can use to redirect their stories, change their lives, achieve their goals, and become happier. This behavior model is called the 3 Circles of Behavior Echo-System. With STORY at its core, this model demonstrates how human thoughts and behaviors echo and reverberate.

“Older behavior models are confusing and represent human behavior in a linear fashion,” Grunburg explained. “The 3 Circles of Behavior Echo-System is a new model that shows human behavior as it actually unfolds – in an echo-system.”

“Our behaviors ‘echo’ and reverberate,” Grunburg explained. “There’s a reason we say things like, ‘I like the the vibe here,’ or ‘I don’t like the vibe.’ Environments give off a vibe. Our thoughts give off a vibe, and certainly, our behaviors project a vibe. The 3 Circles of Behavior Echo-System clearly demonstrates how environments, thoughts, and behaviors are interrelated.”

This new behavior model is impacting and shaking up coaching and behavior-change circles worldwide. “I’ve taught it and many concepts from the new book for nearly two years before its publication,” Grunburg said.

Here’s how it works: Many of us don’t recognize the stories in our heads, confusing them with incessant chatter. In fact, these stories are a potent thought process. We store these stories and reference them throughout our lives – often with tragic repercussions.

“We have stories about EVERYTHING,” Grunburg explained. “As cognitive scientist Mark Turner put it, ‘STORY is our chief means of looking into the future, of predicting, of planning, and of explaining.'”

In Everything is a F*cking Story, Grunburg outlines the challenges facing people who’ve been unable to reach their goals, remaining stuck in negative patterns. “The first challenge for most people is that they aren’t aware that story is their predominant means of thought,” Grunburg explained. “The second challenge is that they’re focusing on – and repeating – stories that are unimportant and even harmful.

Grunburg explains that our stories establish our life’s parameters – its boundaries – who we are and what we’re able to become and accomplish in our lifetime. And with the 3 Circles of Behavior Change Echo System, we can take back control.

“As a cognitive device, STORY is so woven into our language and thought process that it is inextricable!” said Grunburg. “The real art begins when we truly understand this idea and begin to notice all the stories we’re telling ourselves, about EVERYTHING!”

Featuring a Foreword written by PGA Championship coach Rick Sessinghaus, Everything is a F*cking Story takes readers on a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and for many, enlightenment, providing a step-by-step playbook that challenges us to assess, review, and rewrite the stories that are out of alignment with our goals and ideals.

“Grunburg’s 3 Circles behavior model is paradigm shifting – it’s helped to transform our executive coaching,” says Dr. Peter Chee, president, and CEO of ITD World. “Because of Everything, we teach, coach, and train: Change your story, change your habits, change your life.”

Martin Grunburg is an award-winning author and entrepreneur and a founding partner of multiple IT companies. He’s been nominated twice for the Entrepreneur of the Year award and has twice led his team to win the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

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