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LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 23, 2023 / — World premiering at the SXSW, brought to you by two of the world leaders in live virtual reality theater, GiiÖii in collaboration with Ferryman Collective have come together to produce the English language version of Find WiiLii – Ep.1 The Gate-Crasher, as an Official Selection and will participate in the XR Experience at SXSW.

“We are incredibly grateful to be coming back to SXSW this year” says show Director, Whitton Frank “and in particular to be collaborating with this incredible international company. This kind of work has the ability to connect people from all over the world through the magic of theatre. Highlighting the importance of human connection, intimacy and storytelling in a virtual environment is what allows us to create powerful, immersive experiences for our audiences.”

Find WiiLii is a live, hour-long immersive experience that takes three audience members on a futuristic journey in a VR headset.

You have been recruited by the prestigious teleportation company Iioiig, to be a part of their mysterious ‘Find WiiLii’ project. You discover that your job is to find and collect the bits of memory created when someone uses a teleporter. But the company is being less than forthright about what they intend to do with these collected memories.

Will you serve the company above all else and preserve this world changing technology, even when the company motives may be less than pure? Or will you help a misguided and disgruntled creator fighting for the truth, to take down the company from inside their own system?

Find WiiLii is performed live with two actors playing multiple roles. Through the magic of VR technology, participants feel fully immersed in our 3D world.

“Virtual reality is fertile ground for live theater, and incredibly powerful due to the human connection that pre-recorded content lacks,” says producer Deirdre V. Lyons, “each interaction is unique and can only be found in the moment, like a sandcastle, it is temporal in nature.”

Ferryman Collective and GiiOii have collaborated successfully before, most notably on the creation and licensing of the Korean version of the Ferryman show: The Severance Theory: Welcome to Respite,which went on to festival and public acclaim across Asia.

“When approached by GiiÖii,” explains producer Stephen Butchko, “we were excited to collaborate once again with this incredible team, and Find WiiLii, with its sci-fi feel, brings us back to our first show, PARA, there’s a beautiful serendipity there.”

Coming off the award-winning success of the festival darling Gumball Dreams, Ferryman Collective continues to trailblaze in this new storytelling medium. Ferryman Collective is also known for the award winning The Severance Theory: Welcome to Respite, PARA and Krampusnacht.

GiiÖii, a leading immersive studio known for its innovative and story-driven content, has teamed up with Ferryman Collective to co-produce Find WiiLii. The project, which took three years to complete, was selected as a “Development Showcase” at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival XR Market, drawing attention from its planning stage. GiiÖii has established a reputation for producing immersive experiences, such as Missing Pictures and Ihyangjeong: Carving with Memories, which was selected for the SXSW competition category for the second year running. Find WiiLii is a testament to GiiÖii’s continued commitment to creating impactful and memorable virtual experiences. CEO Rene Hyewon Lee says, “We are honored to have produced ‘Welcome to Respite Korean Edition’ last year and are excited to bring Find WiiLii to life in English”.

Ferryman Collective is part of a new emerging group of theater production companies that are using the metaverse to reach audiences across the globe. Creating the potential to showcase live performance in the virtual space as a viable new medium for entertainment.

“VR allows us to combine the centuries old traditions of theater and performance with exciting and boundary breaking technology that brings people into an entirely new world.” adds Whitton Frank.

Find WiiLii – Ep.1 The Gate-Crasher is produced by GiiÖii and Ferryman Collective.
Executive Producers – Rene Hyewon Lee, Jay Kim, Sugon Kim
Original Production Directors – Mina Hyeon and Sooyoung Choe
English Adaptation Director – Whitton Frank
Technical Director – Jungmin Hong
English Script Adaptation – Deirdre V. Lyons and Whitton Frank
Adaptation Producers – Stephen Butchko, Whitton Frank, Deirdre V. Lyons and Braden Roy
Background Design, Visual Production – Kim Eunseo
Character and WiiLii Modeling, Animation – Kim Hyeonseo and Mina Hyeon
Background Design Assistants – Park Joobin and Kim Dayoung
World Animations – Christopher Lane Davis
Music Producer – Kim TaeYoon
Composer – Kim TaeYoon and Hwang HyeonSeok
Sound Design – Kim TaeYoon, Mina Hyeon and Sohee Kim
Voice over and Recording – Whitton Frank
Poster Design – Mina Hyeon
Videographer – Choi Sang Min (Cover the Noise)
Supported by Arts Council Korea and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Korea Republic of Korea
Cast members include James Hyett (Kick & Push Festival, First Ditch Collective, Single Thread Theater Company), Kelly B Jones (Gumball Dreams, The Severance Theory: Welcome to Respite, Strike back, The Letting Go, The Marine 2), Dasha Kittredge (Gumball Dreams, The Under Presents, Tempest, The Willows, Onboard XR), Jacob Miller (The Willows, Give Me an A), Braden Roy (PARA, Krampusnacht, The Severance Theory: Welcome to Respite) and Ona Zimhart (Gumball Dreams, Cages)

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