Remote Therapeutic Monitoring for Asthma and COPD: FindAir Smart Inhaler Add-on Integrated with MedM Platform

FindAir Add-on integrated with MedM remote monitoring platform

Connected with MedM health platform, FindAir ONE devices can function as an RTM tool for managing asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2023 / — The FindAir ONE family of inhaler add-ons is designed to automatically record data on each medication intake: dosages, time and optionally location. Now integrated with the MedM connected health platform, FindAir ONE devices can function as a remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) tool for managing asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

FindAir One is a CE marked medical device that meets the requirements for use in hospitals and clinics, but is convenient for use in the home, at work, or on the go. Made of medical grade materials, the device requires no charging for a year and even if a connected smartphone is not available, the add-on will still collect and later transfer the medication intake data.

“The FindAir system was designed to enhance remote consultations between patients and doctors, helping them work together towards better care and outcomes,” – comments Tomasz Mikosz, Co-Founder & CEO of FindAir – “Over 11 000 people around the world use our solution to help manage their respiratory conditions better, and we are happy to make FindAir ONE devices available to a wider audience of users via this partnership with MedM.”

“FindAir is MedM’s unique partner in the RTM field,” – comments Denis Khitrov, MedM CEO, – “a field where digital technologies are used for collecting and monitoring of non-physiologic health data for the purpose of helping people who suffer from chronic diseases. Medication monitoring provides visibility into adherence, bringing us another step closer to modernizing virtual care.”

About FindAir
FindAir is a med-tech company that provides smart inhaler devices and telemedicine systems to support asthma & COPD therapy. Since 2016 FindAir works to provide better treatment for asthma and COPD patients through the development of the newest technologies and innovative solutions. We believe that prevention and properly adjusted treatment can increase patient safety and overall quality of life. We develop products and facilitate research programs towards the development of Artificial Intelligence that can accurately predict asthma exacerbations.

About MedM Inc.
Founded in 2012, MedM™ is a US-based software company, focused on improving interoperability in the healthcare ecosystem by enabling data collection from 700+ of Health IoT devices, sensors and wearables and channeling it into existing caregiver workflows. The award-winning MedM RPM Platform carries seamless device connectivity, making it the most flexible and fast-to-market white-label software solution for RPM & care providers, medical device vendors, and system integrators.

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