“Have We Found Our Better Selves”

Author Meril Smith Releases the Guiding Path of the Generation

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — After all the months that we spent adjusting into a “new normal”, here we are, retrospecting the seeming world war it had been. Many lost their loved ones while many families still stayed intact. We have fought, survived, and learned our individual lessons day by day. As we look back, we realized that we have indeed weathered the difficulties that shook the core of our being.

Today, we stand as survivors. Now, a question needs an answer: “Have We Found Our Better Selves?”.

This question that is both deep and profound is the title of the book written by rising Author Meril Smith, that gives rise to questions and reflections which were results of what could be the generation’s most devastating experience.

But Smith has experienced and lived more than the average person today: economic recessions, the assassination of President Kennedy, the space race, the development of Silicon Valley, the Vietnam War, and the tragedy of 9/11. All these have fueled Smith’s passion for understanding people and events.

“With over two years living with the Covid-19 virus and with the Covid-19 finally being under control, this book helps all of us step back and look at how we have thought and acted during the height of the pandemic,” Smith says.

Questions like “Am I just trying to forget the whole thing as if it were just a nightmare? Or, “Are there things I have learned about myself and my family that are important now and in the future?” are being tackled in a book that persuades the readers to see the positive side of the pandemic’s effects, and provokes a call for action.

“Have We Found Our Better Selves” is now out and available on Amazon and other digital platforms. Visit www.merilsmithauthor.com to learn more.

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