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Flooz.Trade has introduced a new service that allows users to purchase over 150k cryptocurrencies with FIAT, and it’s worth looking into.

The challenge of buying and trading coins or tokens for the first time can hinder the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. With Flooz Trade’s new service, the process is made significantly simpler.”

— Lamine Cheloufi

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES , UNITED STATES, January 12, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The decentralised exchange, Flooz.Trade, recently introduced a “Checkout” feature that enables anyone to purchase over 150.000 individual cryptocurrencies and DeFi tokens directly with FIAT, and it’s worth looking into. There’s more, any token can integrate the Flooz Checkout on their own homepage and apps.

During the bull run of 2021, the cryptocurrency (particularly DeFi) market experienced significant growth, and numerous users invested in DeFi and digital assets for the first time. However, for first time traders the process of buying and trading DeFi tokens can be daunting. Users have to open accounts with centralised exchanges, verify their identity, deposit fiat, convert it to crypto, send it to a web3 wallet, connect the wallet with a decentralised exchange and then initiate a swap. This process is intimidating and limits the adoption of web3.

With Flooz Checkout service, the company introduces a seamless buying experience for first time traders. Anyone can any of the 150.000 different cryptocurrencies with a few clicks. Most importantly, Flooz is decentralised, and non-custodial. Flooz utilises best in class on ramps providers such as MoonPay, Ramp Networks, and Transak, and offers payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit & Debit Cards.

Flooz’s Checkout is available on Flooz.Trade and to any token that wishes to integrate its Checkout as widget on their website or in their apps. This service is an important step towards eliminating pain points and promoting mass adoption of Web3, particularly their B2B service meaning any project or token can offer the checkout service on their website.

Witness the service in action in under 30 seconds via Flooz_Inc latest Twitter post.

It’s worth asking, if a service like this had been around when individuals first begun their crypto investment journey, how much more money would have found its way into the decentralised Web3 space? How many more tokens would have survived the current bear market? And, how many more tokens could have been created? This year will mark a turning point for crypto, and Flooz has got you covered.

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