FlyFin Wins Best Consumer AI Technology

2022 AI Tech Awards Selects FlyFin for Industry Leadership and Innovation

We’re thrilled to be recognized by the AI TechAwards as the Best in Consumer AI Technology. Leveraging AI, FlyFin will continue to innovate in the fintech space, making tax filing easier for everyone.”

— FlyFin co-founder & CEO Jaideep Singh

SAN JOSE, CA, U.S., October 18, 2022 / — FlyFin, the world’s number one AI tax preparation and tax filing service, announced it is the winning recipient of the 2022 AI TechAward – Best in Consumer A.I. Technology. The 2022 AI TechAwards celebrate technical innovation, adoption and reception in the AI, machine learning and data science industry and by the global developer community. The 2022 AI TechAwards will be presented at the 2022 AI TechAwards Ceremony during AI DevWorld, the world’s largest Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science development conference, with tracks covering Open Source A.I., A.I. for the Enterprise, NLP, MLOps/AIOps, Deep AI, Neural Networks, AI Frameworks, Data Science, Predictive Models and more.

The 2022 AI TechAwards received hundreds of nominations, and the Advisory Board to AI DevWorld, made up of industry veterans, selected the winning companies. The esteemed panel of judges chose FlyFin, the world’s first AI tax engine for freelancers, based on three criteria:
1. FlyFin has attracted notable attention and awareness in the AI, Machine Learning and Data Science industry.
2. FlyFin has general regard and use by the developer & engineering community.
3. FlyFin is a leader in its sector for innovation.

“FlyFin’s offering as the world’s first A.I. tax engine for freelancers is a great example of the newest AI and Machine Learning technologies now allowing developers and engineers to build upon the burgeoning AI/ML industry. Today’s cloud-based software and hardware increasingly run on systems needing increased data and intelligence. FlyFin’s win here at the 2022 AI TechAwards is evidence of their leading role in the growth of the AI ecosystem,” said Jonathan Pasky, Executive Producer & Co-Founder of DevNetwork, producer of AI Dev World and the 2022 AI TechAwards.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by the AI TechAwards as the Best in Consumer AI Technology. This award is a testament to our team’s hard work in building the world’s first AI tax engine and making it available to freelancers around the globe. We’re continuing to innovate in the space to make tax filing easier for everyone,” said FlyFin co-founder & CEO Jaideep Singh. “FlyFin is helping to reimagine tax preparation as a less stressful and more manageable process for freelancers and self-employed individuals.”

FlyFin: like autopilot for your taxes
A complete game changer for the industry, FlyFin leverages AI to automate finding every possible tax deduction, saving freelance and self-employed taxpayers time while significantly lowering their tax bills. Employing a “Man + Machine” approach, FlyFin’s AI does 95% of the work of tracking deductible expenses, while tax CPAs with a combined 100+ years’ experience provide 24/7 in-app consultation and file taxes at tax time, transforming freelancer taxes into a stress-free experience.

FlyFin dramatically improves freelancers and self-employed people’s ability to stay on top of expenses, not once a year, but in real time as they occur – 365 days per year. The company’s continuous expense tracking is a fundamentally different paradigm shift for the tax preparation industry that focuses on a once-per-year basis. FlyFin’s industry-leading AI-powered tax engine works in the background 24/7 and 365 days per year, automatically scanning expense accounts daily to suggest to users which category to classify each expense in based on their profession and other factors. FlyFin provides self-employed, freelancers and creator economy workers with hassle-free deductible expense tracking and an affordable tax filing solution.

About FlyFin
FlyFin is an award-winning, AI-powered platform that provides self-employed, sub-contractors, independent contractors, gig workers, freelancers and creator economy workers with a convenient, easy-to-use and affordable tax filing solution. FlyFin helps individuals maximize self-employment tax deductions and income tax refunds. With a “Man + Machine” approach, FlyFin leverages AI paired with highly experienced tax CPAs to deliver automation that eliminates 95% of the work required for 1099 self-employed individuals to prepare their taxes. FlyFin is a privately-held, venture-backed company based in San Jose, California.

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