New partnership provides Folloze customers access to Infinite Edge’s ABX Maturity Practice, unlocking their ability to scale and drive more meaningful growth.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 27, 2023/ — Infinite Edge Consulting (IEC), a leading marketing consultancy, and Folloze, creator of the world’s first and only no-code B2B Buyer Experience Platform, today announced a strategic services partnership to help customers effectively navigate the journey to maximize their success with ABM and accelerate their pivot to an ABM-driven demand generation approach. This partnership is a critical milestone in the growth of the Infinite Edge ABX Maturity Practice, which provides digital marketing leaders, ABM leaders, CMOs, and CROs with the ability to expand their ABM efforts and drive an account-focused cross-functional GTM model.

“Folloze is committed to transforming B2B marketing to become the critical driver of growth by working in lockstep with their sales partners,” said Folloze CEO Etai Beck. “Our customers and their marketers understand the importance of moving fast, engaging buyers, and first party insights. They are rapidly transforming to a truly agile approach, with technology as a critical enabler, to scale their organizations and succeed in all types of market conditions. We’re excited to be able to offer strategic services to help our customers accelerate on their journey to true agility, scale, and performance.”

The ABX Model Imperative
With marketers today expected to accelerate sales and generate more revenue with less budget, it becomes a key driver in why the B2B world is quickly moving from traditional demand gen to account-based experience (ABX) models. A modern and effective ABX model helps the entire organization scale beyond just top accounts. By treating all prospective accounts and the individual buyers within those accounts as individuals and as a part of its collective buying committee, marketers will begin to recognize the desired buying process is to do as much as possible digitally. Thus, the role of the marketing now helps the entire account solve their business programs efficiently and effectively by meeting their needs in the moment and supporting the development of relationship-building throughout the entire lifecycle.

Delivering the experience buyers are demanding today will require a shift in the overall operating model, strategy, approach to technology and processes. And while knowing what you need to do is a solid start, it is not the same as knowing how to do it so there is impact early on. In fact, coming from a traditional demand gen background, many marketing leaders are unsure of how to actually adopt this new way of operating. They’re struggling to achieve true alignment with sales and don’t know how to best bring the two teams together. Plus, transitioning from old-school demand gen to a modern ABX model is a massive undertaking, requiring large-scale change management.

“We believe scaling ABX is the key to driving meaningful impact for B2B brands and we have seen a significant increase in interest from marketing leaders across our industry,” said Executive Founder of Infinite Edge Consulting and Folloze CMO Mary Gilbert. “Through our work with Folloze, we have been fortunate to be on the inside of many of these companies going through this transformation and we see the challenges, but also the amazing results that shifting to this type of GTM model provides. We are seeing a huge opportunity to drive rapid change, get the industry back on track, and help CMOs truly become the drivers of growth they are meant to be. We’re fortunate to have a partner like Folloze not only for their technology that makes true agility and engagement possible, but for their passion and expertise in helping top B2B brands drive real growth.”

Organizational Change Requires a Strategic ABM Approach
A major challenge for organizations is viewing ABM simply as a niche marketing initiative. As organizations scale, traditional ABM practitioners are being asked to scale yet lack the skills to drive organization-wide change that’s required. Most demand generation marketers who have experience driving a traditional MQL model have limited understanding of how to work with sales downstream to nurture accounts and execute coordinated plays. The ability to align and focus collaboration between sales and marketing may require additional expertise and a strong understanding of how to maximize an organization’s tech stack and data to create a seamless experience for the customer or view of success.

“Providing our customers support to drive change across the organization to ensure they can very quickly begin to realize the value that the Folloze platform enables is our top priority,” said Folloze Sr. VP of Customer Success, Adi Aloni. “We are thrilled to be able to extend the services solution from Infinite Edge providing that deep guidance and support needed to scale a seamless experience across buyer journeys, buying groups, and omnichannel campaigns. By helping our customers, many of them multinational companies, navigate how to build and deploy cross-organization programs, they will be able to realize the value of their ABM investments more quickly.”

IEC ABX Solution Services
IEC’s new ABX services solution offers a team of experts who can help B2B marketing organizations overcome key challenges, implement organization-wide change, and successfully navigate this journey.
Specifically, the IEC team of experts can help organizations with:

– Program assessment and strategic planning
– Sales and marketing alignment
– Change management
– Team training and reskilling
– Tech stack optimization
-Campaign development and execution

To learn more about IEC’s ABX services for Folloze customers, please visit:

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