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The High Anxiety Single “PUKE” Is A Vulnerable and Personal Story About Anxiety

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2023 / — Capping an explosive year that included her fan-favorite and critically-lauded performances in the top 14 on “American Idol” season 20, and her song “Colors” becoming a breakthrough viral hit, singer/songwriter Ava Maybee is gearing up to unleash – wait for it – “Puke,” her edgiest, most emotionally raw, no holds barred single yet. The March tenth release of “Puke” marks Ava Maybee’s first distribution deal with the innovative independent artist platform Venice Music, who will also handle sync for Ava’s catalog.

Written from her deeply personal experience with a panic attack, “Puke” is the powerhouse singer/songwriter’s most brutally honest and lyrically raw song. The provocatively titled track captures the intense collective anxiety we’ve all been struggling with these past few years
Penned in just one studio session, the propulsive, snappily grooving tune illuminates a feeling we’ve all had at one time or another: “And if I’m being honest/I think that I’ve lost it. . Here I go making something out of nothing. . .If you could see the things inside my head/You’d close your eyes instead of watching.”

From her critically acclaimed 2020 debut single “Lay Low” to “See Me Now” (her 2021 follow up) and “Colors,” most of the 21-year-old artist’s previous songs showcase the hopeless romantic side of her artistry and her emphasis on the importance of self-love. The brash title, lyrics, and musical vibe of “Puke” dives head-first into Ava Maybee’s mental health experiences and reflects her commitment to musically sharing her true self. “I was gearing up to go to a writing session, suddenly felt nauseous, literally started throwing up, was not in a good head space and so ready to cancel,” she says. “I was having an anxiety attack, which is something I have struggled with my whole life. I got out of my car, went into the session and was met with such support and understanding that we all decided to just see what we could create.”

Ava continues. “I knew I was ready to write about something extremely personal, sensitive and of substance. I wanted to explore my feelings about this uncontrollable anxiety – as unglamorous as they might be. Gigi, Ori, and I wrote the entire song that day. I wrote the melody and started talking about my long -time experiences with anxiety, including that day, and then the three of us started sharing about panic attacks and the song started to flow. It was like the song just fell out of us. I had never felt such urgency to write a song in my life! It’s truly the most honest I’ve ever been as an artist.” Ava co-wrote “Puke” with artist & songwriter Gigi Grombacher and Ori Dulitzki (Songland). The track was produced by Grammy nominated Adam Novodor (Alex Newell, Blue DeTiger, Pink Sweat$).

So excited with how “Puke” was turning out, Ava texted a rough version of the track to her dad (Chad Smith/ Red Hot Chili Peppers). Ava laughs – “I knew the song needed live drums, and luckily, I personally know a ‘pretty good drummer’ who I thought might want to play on the track!” Smith connected with the raw emotion of the song and the musical direction Ava was heading in, and he laid down the drums a few weeks later. Coincidentally, that same day, Josh Klinghoffer was finishing a session with Smith, he also liked the song and volunteered to add some guitar right then and there. This song marks the first time Ava Maybee has musically worked with her dad.

Ava Maybee’s distinctive alto voice and unique sense of style established her as one of the power voices on American Idol season 20. She made bold song and fashion choices throughout her run that had Katy Perry herself starting to glean fashion tips. Between performing on American Idol, writing, and recording singles, touring, and performing at charity events, Ava continues her college studies at NYU/Tisch. A senior, she is minoring in child psychology and will graduate from the Clive Davis School of recorded Music in May 2023. In late 2022, Ava opened for several prominent indie pop bands, including Quarters of Change (at The Mint in L.A.) and Phangs/Moontower on a sold-out East Coast tour – with many in the audience filling the venues because of the ongoing popularity of “Colors.” Her song “See Me Now” will be featured Having had spine surgery for double scoliosis at the age of 12, she is proud to serve as an ambassador for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA).

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