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Ascend Behavioral Health provides affordable, quality, evidence-based treatment programs for kids and teens with mental health issues in Fresno.

The providers at Ascend seem compassionate and dedicated to their work. They speak language that’s relatable to younger people. Great environment.”

— Jay Waterman

FRESNO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2022 / — Mental health among teenagers has become a significant health concern for many parents in the USA. School pressure, academic performance, expectations from those around them, and biological changes can impact teenagers’ psychological and physical health. In addition, teens face immense pressure to get good grades, get into top institutions, and become sports stars. Sometimes, the daily grind and pressure to be excellent at everything may impact the mental health of teenagers and kids. Identifying the symptoms and seeking professional assistance are necessary to treat mental health issues effectively. With holistic and evidence-based treatment, Ascend Behavioral Health in Fresno helps restore hope and recovery for teenagers and kids with psychological issues affecting their lives. Its recently launched website,, offers complete information on the types of programs and services to help choose the right mental health program for parents and kids.

First and foremost, mental health is as important as physical health. Identifying physical symptoms such as fever or flu is relatively easier than reading the signs of mental health. For instance, when a child suddenly starts acting down, whether it’s sadness, irritability, or a lack of interest in regular activities, many people may write it off as a phase, teen angst, or something that would become better with time. However, the children’s psychological well-being is essential. Therefore, paying attention to both physical and mental health is necessary to ensure the children’s and teenagers’ overall well-being. Whenever parents witness signs of anxiety or depression, seeking professional help from Fresno mental health services is an essential first step.

Although finding a physician is not that complicated, searching for a reputable teenage mental health Fresno center can be challenging. Another problem is choosing a suitable treatment program that caters to individual needs and helps them recover and prosper. For example, a residential inpatient program can be a good option for teenagers and adolescents with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health concerns. Nonetheless, one can narrow their search and find a quality and affordable teenage mental health Fresno center by visiting and talking to a few well-established facilities to learn about their credentials, services, professionals, and caregivers. For instance, Ascend Behavioral Health, which specializes in teen BH (behavioral health), can be a good option for Fresno residents looking for a holistic and individualized treatment program for mental health.

“Effectively working with adolescents requires a specific skill set and the staff at Ascend have all the skills to reach and help youths struggling with behavioral health issues. The providers at Ascend seem compassionate and dedicated to their work. They speak language that’s relatable to younger people. They seem to create a real community which is helpful because younger people that struggle often feel different from their peers. Great environment.” – Jay Waterman

Before deciding on an inpatient or partial hospitalization treatment, consulting with a professional for a medical and psychological evaluation may be helpful. Then, select a suitable treatment program with evidence-based treatment options run by trained psychologists and staff. Ascend Behavioral Health in Fresno can help you decide on a mental health program after the initial assessment and offers various options, including inpatient and outpatient treatment.

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Ascend Behavioral Health aims to alleviate the suffering of kids and teens in the Central Valley. With its mission to provide the highest quality, affordable care and individualized treatment programs, it offers holistic mental health treatment options for teens and adolescents struggling with mental health issues. It is a locally owned and operated facility with certified and experienced board members.

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