Abraham Razick, Owner, Fullerton Ford Orange County

Fullerton Ford Orange County is Investing $1.5M in EV Infrastructure

We are proud to be the first dealership in California to enroll in Ford’s Model e program and excited to build infrastructure to transform our showroom and facilities to electric.”

— Abraham Razick, Owner, Fullerton Ford Orange County

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Commits $1.5 Million in EV Infrastructure

In late September, Fullerton Ford Orange County became the first Ford dealership in California and the third in the nation to enroll in Ford’s new Model e Certified Elite program.

“We’re going all in on EVs,” said Fullerton Ford Orange County owner Abraham Razick, a former decorated U.S. Marine and a 2021 Notable Veteran recognized by Automotive News. “We are excited to be the first dealership in California to enroll in the Model e program and even more excited to unveil the infrastructure we are building to transform our showroom and facilities to electric.”

Razick is investing $1.5 million in new infrastructure to bring enhanced electric vehicle sales and service to his customers. He is hopeful the EV construction process will be complete by the end of summer 2023. This infrastructure will include a convenient 24/7 public-facing Level 3 DC Fast Charger with lighting, security, and signage that will become part of the BlueOval™ Charge Network, the largest public charging network in North America. As part of the Ford Model e program, independent dealer investment in the EV transition must meet the highest Ford standards. Ford Model e is a distinct business from Ford Blue, which focuses on Ford’s internal combustion engine vehicles, but the two will share relevant technology and best practices.

“California is leading the nation in its push for all-electric vehicles, and Fullerton Ford Orange County aims to be at the forefront of electric vehicle sales and service,” said Razick. “Our goal is to become a top EV dealer in California and the nation.”

From the first Ford Model A in 1903 to the Ford Model e focus for the 21st Century, Ford is committed to creating a world-class customer experience with exceptional customer service. As a Ford Model e Certified Elite dealership, the Fullerton Ford team will receive initial and ongoing training to be well versed in all aspects of electric vehicle sales, operations, service, and customer education. Fullerton Ford’s EV certification will allow the dealership to sell and service individual and commercial electric vehicles, including fleet vehicles, within a special transparent pricing program.

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