SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, April 18, 2023/ — is teaming up with Sankari Studios’ game industry veterans, Christian Busic Rossi, Simon Mathew, and co-founders Victoria Raiser and Rexanne Martin for the world-wide release of KATOA, a mobile gaming platform tackling the climate crisis. reaches 1 billion people world-wide, and the opportunity to make a serious dent in funding CLIMATE solutions is put on steroids by the partnership with KATOA’s mobile climate game. The game will be launched globally on Earth Day April 22nd, 2023 with 4 partners to start:, The Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA), and

KATOA Oceans from Sankari is the next disruptor in the gaming for good movement. Raiser says, “Our strategy is to harness and focus the immense power of the 3.5 billion strong universe of gamers, that play 120 billion hours annually on mitigating the climate crisis. This encompasses every continent, age, gender, ethnicity, education level and social class and we are meeting people where they are… playing games! Our research has shown that players are beyond hungry to have tangible impact, so we focus on making games that are fun and a catalyst for a Return on Humanity (ROH).”

The game engages through lush virtual worlds, adorable characters and compelling storylines. And simply playing allows everyone to unlock underwriter funding. 100% of which the player allocates directly to the heroes saving our planet. Sankari allocates 10% of all its in-app purchases in addition to that funding.

Martin continues, “Our platforms enable access to knowledge and give people tools to effect change, which is the basis for an equitable and sustainable future. Players discover their piece of the planet to care for and join a community with shared purpose and strength in numbers, saving the world together. The more players, the more funding, the closer we are to changing our planet’s trajectory. Our mission is straight forward: Play the Game. Save the World.”

About KATOA: Start your adventure in the ocean depths, exploring true-to-life 3D worlds that span the globe, manage resources, complete quests, and combat the toxic ‘blight’ to create thriving natural ‘havens’ that wildlife will flock to. Christian Busic Rossi says: “Each new species that visits your haven is unique, and once they call it home, they’ll join your ever-growing, one-of-a-kind collection. In KATOA you’ll be one with the wildlife, learning their stories and sending them on quests to gather rewards and find new adventures. This is a casual F2P sim game, which includes inspiring bridges from the virtual to the real world.”

“KATOA connects players with the cause, the effect, and the solutions in a way no other game has ever done. KATOA is a massively scalable platform to tackle the global inequity caused by climate change through democratic deployment of technology,” say Simon Mathew. “Playing KATOA means supporting people around the world to save not only themselves, but also their future.”

Sankari’s team is comprised of seasoned experts in gaming and content creation. Prior games developed and managed by Sankari’s team include Call of Duty, Marvel / The Amazing Spiderman, James Bond, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

KATOA Oceans was soft launched in Canada – January 2023.

Additional games already in the pipeline: Rain Forests, African Savannah, Food for All, Green Cities & Carbon Capture.

• Project Drawdown just named Sankari Studios “A transformative business model in the Gaming Industry focused on innovative platforms tackling the climate crisis”.
• Sankari Supporter: UNITY Technologies – Sankari is honored to be a 2022 grant recipient
• 500 million +: As of 11/22 Sankari has co-marketing agreements in place with NGOs reaching 500 million + members.
• Global Spotlight:
o Sankari opened the Clinton Global Initiative’s first ever Greenhouse Program in NYC, September 2022.
o Sankari was chosen to participate at the Skoll World Forum in Oxford, April 2023.
o Sankari Studios will be at COP 28 in Dubai, December 2023.

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