Honor for classic burger restaurant that champions high-quality food comes soon after June grand opening

GLENDORA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — After being open for just a few months, CRFT Burger is racking up accolades on Yelp, as the review website tabbed it as having the Top Cheeseburger in California and one of the Best Burgers in Southern California.

CRFT Burger, which had its grand opening in June, specializes in a uniquely original smash burger made with locally sourced, grass-fed, carrot-finished beef. CRFT Burger’s meats are always free-range and hormone-free, have no antibiotics and are non-GMO.

Ryan Seacrest recently interviewed the owners on KIIS FM and said they offered, “Simple food done right. Done well.”

Raves for the restaurant aren’t limited to celebrities.

Anna B said on Yelp, “Beyond wonderful juicy burgers at CRFT Burger! The Classic Burger is a very filling, tasty burger. The fries are a perfect crispy texture. Their shakes are creamy.”

Another customer, Keya S., said on Yelp, “Wow, excellent service and good food. The quality of the food and drinks were excellent. The team made good recommendations and we were so happy we came here! We had burger, sandwich, fries, fries with cheese, milkshakes and Aqua Fresca. Everything was 1000 percent. We will definitely be back!”

CRFT Burger’s origin starts with two friends, Charn, an experienced chef, and Ramon, a skilled entrepreneur, talking about opening their own burger place. Ramon said he wanted a place where he could “take my friends and family and wow them on the first bite.”

Charn responded, “In that case we need to use the freshest ingredients, we need to use the best meat, grind it fresh daily and create our own special blend of spices and handcrafted sauces. We’ll use only locally sourced produce and go to the best bakeries to get our bread. We need to make everything fresh every day.”

The two realized their visions with CRFT Burger.

One hundred percent of CRFT Burger’s beef is locally sourced from a certified humane California farm. “Raising happy animals is what gives our fresh-ground burgers an exceptionally beefy flavor,” Charn said.

CRFT Burger’s humanely raised free-range chickens are fed all-natural grains to produce a lean, umami taste that restaurant-goers won’t get anywhere else.

CRFT Burger’s duroc bacon is made, cured, and smoked in-house and is incredibly rich in flavor. Its natural marbling creates a juicy and flavorful dining experience.

Milkshakes from CRFT Burger are sourced from the Straus Family Creamery, are certified organic, and are also non-GMO.

Other CRFT Burger specialties include bacon cheeseburger rolls, chopped cheeseburger bacon fries, and large-size house-made bacon.

“Delicious doesn’t need to be complicated,” Charn said. “At CRFT Burger, we’ve carefully curated the perfect burger so you don’t have to, for food lovers by food lovers. Our passion for good food is at the center of everything we do. From each fresh, thoughtfully sourced ingredient to its detail-oriented execution, we hope you taste perfection in every bite.”

CRFT Burger can be followed on Facebook and Instagram at @CRFTBurger.

For more information about CRFT Burger and to see the menu, visit crftburger.com.

About CRFT Burger
CRFT Burger is a proudly local and classic burger restaurant that champions impeccable service and high-quality food. Our focus is to bring food lovers together through delicious, perfectly crafted burgers. We pride ourselves on storytelling through our ingredients and know precisely what goes into every bite.

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