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MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 28, 2022 / — Artwork and Words, a global collective, now offers interactive virtual retreats with secret paths to happiness. With custom one-on-one sessions, clients can sculpt a desirable life. The four pillars of awareness are minimalism, meditation, metaphysics, and mindful materialism. Beyond religion, there is a single source of wisdom. Artwork and Words uses the pure essences of the following ancient sacred practices:


Minimalism explores the complex relationships between materialism and happiness.


Meditation syncs both hemispheres of the brain and opens the mind to higher knowledge. Though part of metaphysics, meditation stands on its own pillar. Indigenous shamans and folk herbalists around the globe (Russia, Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas) use smoke and fire ceremonies to enter into “trances between worlds.” Aboriginals in Australia practice dadirri for deep listening, quiet, and stillness. Eastern mystics developed lyrical ways of life to ascend to enlightened states. The Oracle of Delphi foretold the future of ancient Greece by speaking through a priestess entranced by vapors. Geologists discovered fragrant gasses escaping from fissures under the temple in Delphi. Abrahamic religions practice meditation and contemplation. Islam (Murāqabah), Catholicism (Prayer/rosary beads), and Judaism (Hitbodedut). 1800s scientists experimented with hypnotism and later subliminal brainwave-altering frequencies).


Metaphysics within the realm of Artwork and Words explores subtle energies without fear of the unseen world.

Mindful Materialism

Mindful materialism eclipses consumerism and shines a light on thoughtfully chosen objects for beauty and function.

With Artwork and Words, ancient techniques are slowly woven into modern times. Topics: meditation, crystals, chakras, breathing, energetic cleansing, sleep/dreams, moon phase baths, minimalism, geomancy/Feng Shui, journaling, style, beauty, grooming, exercise, food, menus, intermittent fasting, keto, veganism, cooking, shopping lists, relationships, genealogy, last wishes, international travel for growth, QHHT hypnosis, and more!

“Feeling lost, vulnerable, hopeless, fearful, or unbalanced? It’s understandable. Life exists on a sphere, spinning a thousand miles an hour in space. Its origins and end are a mystery,” commented Zyn Trust at Artwork and Words.

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About Artwork and Words

Artwork and Words are a collective of explorers with advanced knowledge of minimalist living, daily meditation, and metaphysical practices for modern times. Artwork and Words is not associated with organized religions. The collective’s focus is on ancient traditions from a single source.

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