At OFC, Go!Foton demonstrates the power of its engineering platform to create the technologies required to solve the optical networking challenges of tomorrow.

By using EKO™ as its controller, Go!Foton’s Dual-OTDR can provide network operators with Total Fiber Visibility, enabling even buried optical fiber to be tractable by the network management system.”

— Go!Foton CTO Dr. David Z. Chen

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2023 / — Go!Foton, a leading developer and manufacturer of optical networking and connectivity platforms for data centers and carriers, will showcase its recent developments in applied technology at “Innovation Corner,” a special exhibit in the company’s booth at OFC 2023. The conference will take place next week at The San Diego Convention Center, with exhibition hours scheduled for March 7/8/9.

Chief Technology Officer Dr. David Z. Chen said that the decision to allocate a dedicated area within the booth for displaying Go!Foton’s technological advancements was driven by the growing number of customer requests for both broad and specific responses to the challenges posed by a rapidly changing data communications landscape.

“This year, in addition to our currently available products, we will demonstrate the power of our engineering platform to create the technologies that will be required to solve tomorrow’s challenges,” said Dr. Chen. “We are always driving industry innovation to new heights by applying our unparalleled optical networking expertise to develop real-world applications. Listening carefully to what our customers tell us gives us a very strong sense of where we should direct our R&D efforts, enabling us to help them expand their horizons and see new opportunities.”

The centerpiece of Innovation Corner will be the company’s recently developed “Dual-OTDR,” an implementation of Optical Time Domain Reflectometry that leverages the power of this mature technology by deploying two OTDR units to resolve the precise locations of signal attenuation. “Our successful demo of a self-conjugating OTDR pair in tandem with intelligence supplied by Go!Foton EKO’s Machine Learning Fiber Management Platform demonstrates the power of our Dual-OTDR to troubleshoot optical networks far more effectively than currently available techniques,” he explained.

Unlike traditional OTDR deployments which waste transmitted optical power, Go!Foton’s demonstration utilizes both Rayleigh back scattering and transmitted power, allowing the OTDR trace-pulse to fully entangle two nodes. “By using EKO™ as its controller, Go!Foton’s Dual-OTDR can provide network operators with Total Fiber Visibility (TFV), enabling even the buried optical fiber network to be tractable by the network management system,” Dr. Chen declared. “We are confident that our ‘Cloud On The Ground’ represents a technological leap which will deliver far greater network clarity to operating managers, and which will thus generate significant cost savings compared to existing methodologies,” Dr. Chen declared.

In addition to Dual-OTDR, Go!Foton’s Innovation Corner will also feature several of the company’s recently developed advancements for access and connectivity applications. The new prototypes include:

• A small connector-agnostic tube terminal supporting field splice-on 900um pigtail and fusion or mechanical splice-on connectors inside the boot. Additionally, the design provides mechanical cable stability and maximum water sealing.

• Individually terminated customer drops, enabling convenient field spliceable terminations while eliminating active service interference.

Go!Foton will be located at Booth 3714 on the conference’s exhibition floor.

Go!Foton ( brings innovation to the market with proven expertise in optics and photonics that solves real world problems for its customers with a scalable and customized approach. The company serves the telecom and data center markets with long haul, metro, and broadband wireline and wireless access applications, and also supplies optical materials and components to the imaging, medical, and instrumentation industries. A global enterprise with sales offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, Go!Foton maintains R&D and manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Japan, China, and the Philippines.

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