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GOSKATE Sets Unofficial World Record in Skateboarding on Go Skate Day, showcasing their commitment to instruction and growth in the skateboarding community.

As a leading skateboarding school, we firmly believe in the positive impact of skateboarding for people of all ages.”

— Robert Dunfey III, Founder and CEO of GOSKATE.COM

SAN DIEGO , CALIFORNIA, USA, June 23, 2023/ — GOSKATE, the largest worldwide skateboarding school offering private lessons across the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom, is thrilled to announce the successful achievement of an unofficial world record in skateboarding on Go Skate Day (June 21st). Hundreds of dedicated GOSKATE skateboarding instructors descended upon their local skateparks to help thousands of total beginners and experienced skateboarders progress and learn new skills.

Go Skate Day is an annual celebration that unites the global skateboarding community, encouraging individuals of all ages and skill levels to embrace the sport. GOSKATE took this opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to providing quality instruction and promoting the growth of skateboarding worldwide.

The record-breaking event saw an extraordinary display of passion, dedication, and skill as GOSKATE instructors worked tirelessly to empower beginners and help experienced riders advance their abilities. Instructors offered private lessons, sharing their expertise and instilling confidence in students.

“We are incredibly proud to have achieved this unofficial world record in skateboarding,” said Robert Dunfey III, Founder and CEO of GOSKATE.COM “Go Skate Day is a special occasion for the skateboarding community, and we wanted to make it truly memorable. Our skilled instructors, combined with the enthusiasm of the participants, created an incredible atmosphere of learning, progress, and celebration.”

By offering private lessons in skateboarding, GOSKATE has made the sport accessible to individuals in communities across the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. With a strong focus on safety and personalized instruction, GOSKATE continues to play a vital role in introducing newcomers to skateboarding while helping experienced riders reach new heights.

Skateboarding, beyond being an exhilarating sport, fosters numerous physical and mental benefits for kids. It promotes active lifestyles, helping children develop coordination, balance, and agility while enjoying outdoor exercise. Skateboarding also encourages perseverance, as kids learn to overcome challenges and build resilience through their continuous efforts to improve their skills. Additionally, it cultivates a sense of community and social connections, as young skateboarders often bond with peers who share their passion for the sport.

For adults, skateboarding offers a refreshing escape from daily routines and a chance to reconnect with their youthful spirit. Engaging in skateboarding can enhance cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and flexibility, contributing to overall physical well-being. Moreover, it serves as a stress-relieving activity, allowing adults to release tension, clear their minds, and embrace a sense of freedom. Skateboarding also sparks creativity and self-expression, providing a platform for adults to explore their artistic side through various tricks and maneuvers.

GOSKATE encourages anyone interested in learning or progressing in skateboarding to take advantage of their comprehensive private lessons, available in various locations. The world record-breaking event on Go Skate Day exemplifies the dedication and expertise that GOSKATE brings to the skateboarding community.

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