Gregg Sharp Producer in Los Angeles California

Gregg Sharp producer of “Born 2 Hustle”, “Lock and Loaded” and “Tell Me I’m the Greatest”.

Gregg Sharp is back in the game

Gregg Sharp

Enjoying his walk

Sharp who started producing movies in 1998 has now, three projects in post-production “Born 2 Hustle”, “Lock and Loaded” & “Tell Me I’m the Greatest”.

I made a conscious decision to enjoy watching my children grow-up and put entertainment on hold during those amazing years.”

— Gregg Sharp

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2022 / — Businessperson, Executive Producer, Director, Writer and Actor Gregg Sharp has stepped back into the entertainment world after a 6-year layoff to put himself back on the map as he exploded back on the scene here in 2022.

“My kids are my life and to be able to enjoy their lives and be a good parent and role model fueled my decision!’ “But now they are grown and enjoying their own success in life, so I am ready to get back in the game!”

Back in the game he is! Sharp concedes that the industry as an independent film maker has changed dramatically over the last 20 years mostly for the better. “Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s independent film makers were making films out of passion with very little financial paying platforms to land them on, however now most of us can see our works come to life and with some hard work and luck see a good ROI on each film!” He opened this year with the making of “Born2Hustle” which is set to be released in January of 2023. “Born2Hustle, let me know that I was ready to be back! It had a lot of challenges for me being a San Diego resident that commuted to LA for the film as an Executive Producer. Once I was able to gain a solid foothold on the needs of the film it became much easier to move this to the finish line! Having partnered with Curtis Elerson (One Shot Productions) and having a season Director/Actor in Trae Ireland, this project had all the signs of success from the start! Couple that with amazing talents such as KD Aubert, Quinton Aaron, Migual Nunez Jr., Glenn Plummer and MC Ganey being a part of the movie gave us a solid foundation for success!”

Sharp’s reputation as a no nonsense, fair and ethical businessperson has gained a lot of respect for him as he has re-emerged. He takes a blue-collar approach to his business dealings as he believes that everyone needs to win in order to be successful. “We as an industry need to have the understanding that as filmmakers and producers, we have a fiduciary responsibility to not only our investors but also to the staff in front and behind the cameras.” “By being fiscally accountable to the project and its success we open the door to more opportunities. In doing so we allow business families to grow and know that they can count on consistency in their professions as well as being respected for their hard work” Sharp sees his entertainment family growing around him and certainly is seeding the landscape with a recipe for success. As the CEO of Garage2Fitness LLC dba G2F Film and Television Studios he believes that his company will become a well-known name in the years to come.

For 2023 he already has several projects in pre-production as well as working with other talented writers on their goals and dreams. “For 2023 we have the full-length movie “Trapped” (co-written/produced with Adam Mendoza) being produced as well as streaming shows “World Series of Armwrestling” “Touching Lives with Ana Vergara” “Dr. Melinda Silva – Biohacker MD” “Season 2 of Tell Me I’m the Greatest” He also goes on to allude to discussions for the sequel to “Born2Hustle” and three other full-length films he has been asked to work on.

“2023 will be an exciting and fun year! I am super excited to watch all of these amazing talented people excel and create so many great shows with us!”

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