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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2022 / — “There are five billion football fans around the world, with Latin America, the Middle East and Africa representing the largest fan bases.” FIFA The world’s most popular sport is enjoying the every four year spectacle of the world cup right now, with dramatic stories such as powerhouse Argentina falling to Saudi Arabia, or dominant Germany falling to Japan in the opening round of the tournament. Stories like these underline how global the sport is. At the same time, the elite level professional game is played in Europe and the UK. Star players like Lionel Messi leave their home countries, like Argentina, once they reach a certain level of excellence for the top tier leagues of Europe. Messi made his name in Barcelona and currently plays in Paris.

This means the European game has a passionate world-wide audience watching their home country heroes playing the world’s best, whether for Chelsea or Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain or Bayern Munich. Most of these fans will never be able to travel to London or Paris, but they still want an intimate experience of their favorite teams.

NFTs have proven their utility in creating ownership of intangible assets. Group Sport, a company focused on top-tier European football club ownership, is using this proven utility to give fans the “ownership experience” of what they want most, a rich experience of their favorite teams and players. Group Sport is selling memberships via NFTs, giving life-long access everything from season tickets, to fan events, and even travel opportunities in real life, as well as special access to the metaverse Group Sport is building around each of their teams. So fans in Delhi, Lagos, Tokyo and Riyadh can attend games in a digital twin of the team’s home stadium, view the game from any angle, shop for merchandise, meet other fans, and even have a party with their friends in a virtual space after the game. These memberships can be handed down through the generations, thanks to NFT technology, or sold to other fans. Group Sport is also creating a DAO for the NFT community, so they can have meaningful input into how the teams and the metaverse run.

One virtual asset comes with every NFT; a limited edition copy of an original football themed painting created by renowned artist Jeffrey Kroll, official artist of the London Olympics, exclusively for Group Sport.

Group Sport also plans to create a digital twin of every club’s home city, allowing fans to get to know the people and places their heroes know, even if they are on the other side of the globe. NFT holders will get special access to virtual events, can go shopping, get their own “homes”, and eventually even visit historic sights and museums. So if they ever do visit they will be able to get around and even visit friends they made in their virtual travels.

Creating an asset from an experience is another way NFTs and blockchain technology can empower communities and make connections between people possible around sport, humanitarian causes, civil society and more.

Group Sport is the world’s first professional sports DAO. Group Sport acquires sports teams, creates metaverses, and through the DAO, merges in-real-life team gameplay with the metaverse. Top-tier clubs are wrapped in a state-of-the-art metaverse, so no matter where you are, on the pitch or the other side of the world, you can be close to your team and the fans. Using Web3, Group Sport members of the DAO can have a real influence on the direction of the clubs and real connection with the players – democratizing professional sports. Javier Perez, an international football/soccer executive, leads the team changing professional sports and the ownership experience for the fans.

Group Sport has enlisted Cosmic Wire, the Web3 solution, to bring its vision to life by creating the most personal and engaging fan experience for international football lovers worldwide. Group Sport acquires sports teams and creates individual metaverses and representative D.A.O.s for them. Through the D.A.O., Group Sport blurs the lines of what it is to be a fan with exclusive access to the teams in the metaverse and real life. No matter where or who you are, be a part of the game, be part of the team. As a member of the D.A.O., your decisions impact the club. You are also part of the club with exclusive elite access, private events, more profound experiences, and unique D.A.O. member-only rewards. Group Sport will release its first D.A.O. membership in the coming weeks.

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