“Spooky Johnson”, paints pictures in his lyrics only seen through movies.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Miami-based artist Spooky Johnson has just released his second studio album, “Racx N G Pak 2”, on October 28th, 2022. “Racx N G Pak 2” is a labor of love that took many hours and sleepless nights to produce.

The album has a classic hip-hop vibe and features collaborations with some of Miami’s best-unsigned artists, like Hardliquordranka, Reasun, Mike Dangerous and Saysoand. The album depicts the story of Spooky Johnson, who moved to America at a young age, grew up fast in Miami, and turned his life around after some rough times. His music reflects these events and his turbulent journey as an artist.

With a name like Spooky Johnson, one might expect the artist to be all about Halloween. But when it comes down to his music and what he does in life there are no limits and he is influenced by everything from street culture (you can hear this shine through) to fast money.

In addition to the new album, A mixtape is already recorded and Spooky Johnson plans to announce a new album for 2023. Stay tuned!

“Racx N G Pak 2” is available now on several music streaming platforms:

To learn more about Spooky Johnson, visit https://realspookyjohnson.com

About Spooky Johnson
Miami-based artist Spooky Johnson was born in Haiti, but came to the United States as a young teenager. His passion for music grew stronger daily, and it’s no surprise that his love affair into making beats started early. As someone who always listened closely to his father playing the guitar or singing songs – you can tell how much this formative experience has impacted him and made him want “to take this craft seriously.”

As time passed and due to many run-ins with law enforcement, he realized that turning things around might not be possible unless something changed.

The name “Spooky Johnson” paints pictures only seen through movies – making for an unforgettable experience in every word he writes! He has been performing at various stages and has also been featured in an urban film called “Murder Gardens” and plans to continue making music that speaks to the soul.

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