Happy Being Well is a online wellness store to shop for leggings, natural candles, natural bath soaps, natural facial masks, crystals and much more natural wellness products.

Happy Being Well is a Online Wellness Store

Happy Being Well is inspiring fun wellness routines. Discover the excitement behind their customer raving reviews.

The hours I spent shopping for the best in natural facial masks and leggings showcasing my personality through unique designs yet high quality led to disappointment.”

— Rita Farruggia

LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Having issues finding unique, comfortable, and stylish leggings? Plus, find all the best in natural wellness products that inspire you to be your best self all in one place. Happybeingwell.com offers women a variety of options in natural wellness goods to fit every woman’s style and self-care needs while staying fashionable. Finding well-made leggings that are highly stylish is the goal for almost every woman.

Happybeingwell.com carries the best in leggings, fitness bras, and organic self-care goods for this reason. One customer review from Carmelle on their homepage states, “Now, let’s talk about my leggings: Got these babies @HappyBeingWell. I’m Sporting the Avery Black Pink Ombre Leggings. @HappyBeingWell. I kinda really love this site and not just for the leggings because they’ve got a really nice selection of organic, natural, and vegan #selfcare products you’ll see. Making changes- one determined person at a time.”

Happybeingwell.com is a wellness e-commerce website founded by Rita Farruggia. The company is a woman-owned brand inspired by the founder’s struggles. Rita states, “The hours I spent shopping for the best in natural facial masks and leggings showcasing my personality through unique designs yet high quality led to disappointment. The Happy Being Well founder continued, “The lack of stylish, comfortable, unique, and high-quality leggings and all-natural facial masks is what sparked the birth of Happybeingwell.com.”

Happybeingwell.com also offers a large selection of other wellness goods such as natural bath salts, natural bath bombs, natural bath soaps, natural essential oils, aromatherapy diffusers, herbal teas, crystals, crystal home décor, natural room spray mists, natural deodorants, and much more natural self-care products customers can order at Happybeingwell.com. Another customer review from Nancy showcased on their homepage states, “l absolutely love my Rhassoul face and hair mask from Happy Being Well. I know their products are amazing, but this mask blew me away! Truly a vacation in a jar, at an unbelievable price. I highly recommend trying it!!!”.

The brand is focused on assisting women with their wellness needs in an effort to create a streamlined shopping experience. Happybeingwell.com is shining differently from most e-commerce brands. Happy Being Well offers free resources in their blog section such as free wellness e-books about essential oils, plant-based recipes, removing limiting beliefs, banishing imposter syndrome, self-care journal, meditation made easy and much more. Happybeingwell.com also offers a free gift consultation online and a free manifestation with crystals consultation online that customers can book on the Happybeingwell.com homepage. You can also listen to their podcast, “Happy Being Well” on Apple iTunes or Spotify. The Happy Being Well podcast made the final slate of 2022 nominees in the health category for The People’s Choice Podcast Awards, the longest-running podcast awards show. Also, stay tuned for Happy Being Well’s upcoming online wellness summit by subscribing to their email newsletter, plus email subscribers get 10% off any item on their first purchase with free shipping within the USA on any item(s).

Happybeingwell.com founder wanted to share her excitement of finding the best all-natural self-care products in one place with others. Instead of shopping at various stores and spending more time locating each self-care item, you can now find them all at Happybeingwell.com. Finding the best in natural self-care goods no longer has to be time-consuming. Happybeingwell.com was founded on the belief that each woman desires style and deserves the best in natural self-care products without sacrificing time, comfort, quality or style.

About Happybeingwell.com
Happybeingwell.com is dedicated to providing women with incredible, inspiring information, techniques, tools, and natural self-care products to help women live happy being well through our products that allow them to show love to themselves, perform better, increase focus, enhance energy and live happy being well. Resources include award-nominated podcast Happy Being Well, informative e-books SELF-CARE JOURNAL, PLANT-BASED RECIPES and MEDITATION MADE EASY, a free wellness quiz to discover your Zen, The Happy Being Well blog, and more. Instagram: @Happybeingwell http://www.happybeingwell.com

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