GLD Lighting Increases Light Coverage by 150% On Plant

Harborside’s use of GLD’s Lighting System optimized the lighting in their greenhouses to gain a 24% increase in biomass and over 40% more premium-grade flower.

SALINAS, CA, USA, October 6, 2022 / — Grow Light Design, LLC (GLD), provider of patented lighting systems for indoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivators and Harborside Inc., an award winning industry pioneer and leader of growing and retailing cannabis products to consumers, have completed a successful harvest using GLD’s supplemental lighting system at their 204,000 square foot Salinas, CA facility.

Harborside’s adoption of GLD’s intercanopy lighting represents a tremendous value-add opportunity to their standard practices to produce more yield and quality in the same square footage. Harborside’s use of Grow Light Design’s “Surround LED Lighting System” optimized the supplemental lighting in Harborside’s greenhouses to produce a 24% increase in overall biomass and over 40% more premium-grade flower.

GLD Surround LED Lighting System is uniquely designed to provide lighting to light-deprived areas in controlled environment cannabis cultivation and compliment traditional overhead lighting. The energy efficient system (200W for 4’ x 4’) shines light on leaves and flowers around the perimeter of the cannabis plants like morning and afternoon sun without burning the leaves and flowers or obstructing access to plants. As an additional benefit, GLD provides light to parts of the plant that would otherwise detract from plant health and require removal thus resulting in potential for reduced trimming labor.

Harborside Inc. evaluated two cultivars (Banjo & G4) with GLD’s Surround LED Lighting System and achieved the following results:
Banjo : 13% Increase in Sellable Flower 31% Increase in Premium Flower
G4 : 12% Increase in Sellable Flower 58% Increase in Premium Flower

● Strains: Banjo & G4
● GLD Surround LED Lighting System applied to eight week flower stage
● Control and treatment areas with equal plant count and strains
● Test period – late spring to summer

”I was skeptical at first but a fact we cannot dispute is that plants are light accumulators with Cannabis showing potential for increased yields under extremely high (non-traditional) DLIs during flowering. This solution proved successful in combination with our existing supplemental lighting where we were able to deliver a more uniform DLI which not only increased yields but also facilitated a higher-grade flower ratio, which we attribute to better/more light penetration throughout the canopy. This resulted in an increased value per square foot harvested.”
-Travis Higginbotham, VP -Production, Harborside Inc.

Scott Eddins
Grow Light Design, LLC