Nobody benefits when a woman is not being true to herself, she says, especially during the often devastating experience of divorce.

The worst thing you can do is not be true and honest with yourself.”

— Jolisa Webb

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 14, 2022 / — Jolisa Webb achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force and rose through the management ranks during a 35-year career in the Federal government. But she’s not slowing down. In fact, now is when she is truly answering her calling. “I know I’m not ready to fully retire, so, what is something that I feel passionate about? What is something that would allow me to embrace my authenticity, allow me to expand and grow, and allow me to help others through one of the most traumatic experiences that most people may ever face?” The answer is serving as a divorce coach, and Jolisa says she would do it for free. She’s not going to! But that’s how strongly she knows that helping others in their relationships, especially through the many stages of the divorce process, is what she was put on Earth to do.

Not that her business is without its challenges. For one thing, the idea of a divorce coach is new to some—even though there is clearly a need for her services. As Jolisa explains, “it’s important to have a neutral person helping you, because as much as your family and your friends love you and want to support you and want to be there for you, it can be very hard for even the most well-intended family member or friend to be unbiased during a period like this.” After all, they’ve had a relationship with the other person in the divorce too. “In addition to helping you process your new normal, they are also having to think about how their relationship with this individual is going to change—or not change. So when you have someone who is unbiased, who is neutral, it takes some of the pressure off your friends and your family so that they can just be your friends and your family, and you can have this coach who is focused solely on you and what is your truth and helping you identify it, embrace it, and walk in it.”

Reach Jolisa at her website, where you also will find links to her social media. On Instagram, she is @DivorceCoachConfidante. (That “e” at the end? It’s for extra—Jolisa is “a little extra,” which you will discover when you meet her.) You can also read much more of her story and her advice in the new book Inspiring Women Who Boss Up, a collection of interviews with female entrepreneurs that is packed with compelling stories, practical advice, and role models for any woman looking to boss up in her career or life.

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