Sandra Hartlieb

Sandra Hartlieb

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, November 2, 2022 / — Author, educator, and actress Sandra Hartlieb is all set to release her Christian devotional, Holy Boldness. The book presents intimate conversations of women in the Bible who talked to Jesus. The book is available to buy on Amazon, and readers can pick up their digital or print copy through the Kindle Platform.

A beautifully crafted narrative, Holy Boldness chronicles remarkable encounters and thought-provoking conversations of women in the Bible. The author, a devout Christian herself, has spoken about these women in an exceptionally authentic manner, invoking a sense of deep emotion. This Christian Devotional takes readers on a walk with these ordinary women as they share their extraordinary encounters with Jesus. Through these tales, readers will experience the pain, hardship, and surprise of these women as they narrate their journey to rendezvous with God himself.

The style of narration is truly outstanding, as Sandra has experience in Christian storytelling and motivational speaking, and has been delivering performances and retreat programs for more than thirty years. It is her lifelong passion to learn and teach the life lessons that she, herself, acquired from women in the Bible. In this book, Sandra has also shared her own reflections and the lessons she has learned. She instills within readers a very important question: How can one unlock their own spiritual treasures, their holy boldness, and their story of faith? Sandra hopes that in drawing her readers into her story, and the story of these remarkable women, her readers can discover the answer to this all-important question, and inevitably share their own stories.

This book belongs on the bookshelf of every Christian woman, educator and dramatist. It provides awareness about the experiences of real wonder women, who were flawed in their own regard, but gifted with an openness through their encounters with Jesus. By presenting these stories in first-person monologues, Sandra hopes to allow readers to build a personal connection with the struggles of these women, and allow them to step into the sandals of some of the most iconic women in Christianity.

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