Northern California housing developer takes on housing the homeless.

The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.”

— Mark Twain

OAKLAND, CA, USA, November 18, 2022 / — Taking it to the Streets, a California based non-profit, a seasoned veteran in taking on the challenges of those suffering in poverty, has recently set its focus and efforts on the challenge of significantly increasing homeless housing inventory.

Founder, Rene Boisvert’s new and nascent development model significantly reduces both costs and time to completion by leveraging a pre-configured template integrating architecture, land acquisition, financing, local approvals, standardized labor and building material costs, corporate partnerships, and more.

Ultimately bringing more rigor and resources to scaling impact efforts. Think social sector franchising. Because under current well intended efforts, without scaling, the homeless crisis will continue to worsen as it has for many decades.

Think…Amazon for its ability to scale.

As Amazon has revolutionized commerce. Taking it to the Streets will soon too be able to revolutionize the construction of homeless housing.

Taking it to the Streets is no stranger in taking on big challenges and outside the box thinking. But such thinking has old school industry thinkers scratching their heads trying to understand how this new model will succeed.

The organization has been quick to realize that the status quo approach to poverty problem solving has abundantly failed in our lifetimes. In creating new solutions that disrupt conventional approaches and conventional thinking has been the non-profit’s strategy to multiply its philanthropic impact to help those in need.

Corporate partnerships will be one of the key components for helping those at the bottom of the poverty pyramid.

Rene Boisvert
Taking it to the Streets
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