House of Core, Paula Nazar, Wendy Wilcox, Dru Mouser

HOC, Dru Mouser, Paula Nazar, Wendy Wilcox

House of Core

HOUSE OF CORE LAUNCHES IN BRENTWOOD VILLAGE, CA. House of Core’s Mission is to help others LOOK- FEEL – DO – GOOD

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, December 8, 2022 / — House of Core, created by Dru Mouser, Paula Nazar and Wendy Wilcox, is a classic-meets-modern Pilates studio located in Brentwood Village that offers a luxurious trifecta experience to its members. House of Core incorporates the most recent integrations, with cutting edge tools and devices in Pilates. House of Core’s Sports Luxe Collection is custom-designed and made in LA to complement members’ active and restorative lifestyles. The House of Core Penthouse offers monthly premier events that speak to members’ interests ranging from beauty and entertainment to meditation and relaxation to charity fundraisers. House of Core is a hub, a beehive, a place where members can meet up, connect, sweat, laugh, and experience a village of their own making that embodies the future they wish to create. House of Core offers more than a method, it offers a Lifestyle. LOOK- FEEL- DO – GOOD.

House of Core is Launching in 2023
Brentwood Village
131 S. Barrington Place, Suite 100,
LA, CA 90049

Dru Mouser, Director of Operations of House of Core. Dru is a Pilates Instructor, as well as certified in Yin Yoga, and Reiki healer. A Mother and artist at heart, her focus is on emphasizing the Mind/Heart/Body connection and healing.
She began her Pilates journey in 2008 during a big life change. She discovered that Pilates gave her strength and flexibility physically, it also increased her mental fortitude, and perhaps most importantly, she found a community of sisterhood that she had never known before.

The opportunity presented itself to take Teacher Training at Eden Sasson’s Pilates studio in Bel Air and she slid effortlessly into teaching, discovering a sincere passion for sharing her love and knowledge of Pilates with others. For Dru witnessing not only the transformation of her clients’ bodies but the integration with wellness, confidence and happiness became her true reward.

For the past few years, she has had the pleasure of fine tuning her skills on a group of beloved private clients, continuously creating and innovating.

“My excitement about co creating this new community at House of Core based around Pilates cannot be overstated!” – Dru Mouser

Paula Nazar, Director of Retail and Lifestyle for House of Core. When Paula looks back at her life, being a devoted mother has not kept her from diving headfirst into many endeavors. Paula founded Luisant 6, Hello Gorgeous, & leading Operations/Marketing for Hypercel Corp. were steppingstones for her taking on this new role at the House Of Core.
Wendy and Dru share Paula’s love of Pilates, they met at Eden Sassoon’s Pilates Studio in Bel Air a few years ago. There was an uplifting vibe at the studio that drew them all together, her daughter Isabel and her started doing private sessions with Dru. Soon after Wendy, Dru and Paula began discussing the possibility of building a Pilates community together, it did not take long for the three of them to come together in creating a new space where they could collaborate and birth a studio that was not just Pilates, but an inclusive community and immersive lifestyle.

“My commitment is to continuously scour, design and develop the most innovative retail and lifestyle products that are not only useful and cutting edge, but desirable to all. Curating Eco-friendly, latest trends, and sustainable products for your active and restorative lifestyle is my number one priority.” – Paula Nazar

Wendy Wilcox, Managing Member of House of Core. Wendy has always been a workout enthusiast. Starting at a young age, she swam competitively year-round and ultimately competed in Junior Olympics.
At age 17, she started teaching aerobics at one local athletic club, within a year she became certified, taught regularly at four athletic clubs, and participated in aerobics seminars to raise money for local charities.

Her love for working out continued through college at UCLA where she could be seen running regularly around the campus and Westwood. Just before law school she moved to Brentwood and continued her running regimen – this time around Brentwood and Santa Monica.

While working as a lawyer she discovered Pilates and fell in love. Pilates classes became a daily practice. In addition to attending group classes, she trained extensively through private sessions in Los Angeles and New York with her favorite instructors. And while running her own law firm she put in the hours to become a certified Pilates Instructor.
In November 2020, she was appointed by Governor Gavin Newson to be a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge. In her chambers, she has Pilates equipment, so she doesn’t miss a day of training.

Pilates is her love and refuge. It keeps her in shape and restores her body, mind, and soul.
“It is so rewarding to be part of House of Core with Dru and Paula and share our love for Pilates with others.” – Wendy Wilcox

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