With grit and determination, she reached the heights of success in two fields.

When you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, you keep marching until you see it. It is always there.”

— Grace Tan

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Then a health crisis presented her toughest challenge.

Grace Tan has come a long way in her career through her outgoing personality, grit and determination. Grace came to the U.S. as a foreign student to pursue her undergraduate degree in New York City. After graduation, she was hired as an accountant for a major bank—a job she did not find particularly exciting. So she set her sights on becoming a trader after observing the hustle and bustle and the fast-paced tempo on the bank’s trading floor.

At that time the trading floor was male dominated. Being a person who believes in breaking barriers, Grace was determined to gain a seat on the trading floor. “I showed up super early in the office, way before the market opened, so I could have plenty of time to study the day’s economic data and discuss them with the head trader,” Grace recalls. “At the end of the day, I spoke with the head trader on what transpired on the trading floor.” Her willingness to learn left a deep impression on senior management. That curiosity, coupled with her evident work ethics, led to her being given the opportunity to become a trader. At age 23, Grace became the youngest trader at the bank and the first female trader of Asian descent.

Grace was a successful trader and a financial advisor for 14 years, but when she became a mother, her priorities changed. She wanted to continue using her outgoing personality and her knowledge of finance and investment to help others, but now she needed a career with more flexible working hours. And she found real estate. Leveraging her previous life in the financial industry, Grace became a realtor with the financial savvy to advise her clients on their overall investment goals. “Real estate as an investment can provide a nice stream of income if one has a solid strategy,” she explains. “I love to talk about finance, I love to talk about how by putting together all the different financial elements, I can help my clients build a portfolio with positive cash flow to finance their future investments.”

Unexpectedly, Grace suffered a stroke in early 2021. Because she’d been a healthy person, this came as a shock to her and for months it put her in a passive mode for the first time ever in life. It took her about a year to fully recover and she hit the ground running thereafter. In March, 2022 Grace joined eXp Realty. Grace’s go-getter personality combined with her determination to come back even stronger propelled her to reach outstanding results in just a short time after joining eXp. Her sales at eXp Realty in the six months since joining the company exceeded the average annual sales at her previous companies. “I want to thank my clients for believing in me, as well as my colleagues and eXp for its collaborative culture.” Grace has won several accolades in the real estate industry, including The Circle of Excellence Awards, being one of the top agents in New Jersey.

Contact Grace for you US real estate needs on Instagram: GraceTanUSARealtor, Facebook: GraceTanUSARealtor or Wechat: GraceTanUSARealtor. Grace is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Fujianese, and Malay. There is also much more of Grace’s story included in the compelling new book Women Who Boss Up in Real Estate, a collection of interviews with brokers, agents, and owners who are breaking the mold in real estate and ready to inspire the next generation of women to find success in this fast-paced, highly lucrative industry.

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— Chinese Version —
—Grace Tan (陈琼芳)给人的第一印象,是散发着浓郁的个人魅力。活泼开朗的性格、无所畏惧的勇气和锲而不舍的斗志,为她的职业生涯中,写下许多令人赞叹的篇章。她曾经是一名来美国留学的国际学生,在纽约市攻读本科学位,大学本科毕业后,选择留在美国工作,于是,她的美国职场奋斗史,从此精采呈现。

Grace 的第一份全职工作, 就是美国一家大型银行的会计,但她并不以此令人称羡的工作而满足,她认为她的职场高度与视野,不仅局限于此。在仔细地观察银行交易大厅,日常匆忙频繁的快节奏步调之后,她便决定要成为一名交易员的目标。当时该银行的交易大厅以男性为主。作为一个相信打破职场壁垒的人,Grace 矢志在交易大厅取得一席之地。每日,她最早出现在办公室,早于市场开盘开,如此,她就有足够的时间研究当天的经济数据并,并与首席交易员讨论,以数据分析对应当日操作。一天业务结束时,她再次与首席交易员,就交易大厅发生的事情进行了交流。

Grace 的高度学习意愿,给高层主管留下了深刻的印象。此外,再加上她的坦荡正直的职业道德,更注定她有机会成为一名交易员,打破当时的职场藩篱。果不其然,23岁的 Grace 成为当时她工作的银行历史上最年轻的交易员,也是第一位亚裔女性交易员。

长达 14 年,Grace 是一名成功的交易员和财务顾问,但这一切的职场辉煌,在她成为母亲后,开始发生了巨大转变。她的生活重心不再是哧咋风云的交易厅,而是能将她如明澈山泉的母爱,一点一滴地滋养她的新生幼儿。此时,Grace 的目标是继续以她外向的个性, 与金融和投资方面的知识去帮助他人,同时让她能拥有更灵活的工作时间。于是,成为房地产经纪人,是顺理成章的最好选择。

凭借以前在金融行业的专业能力,Grace 成为了一名精通金融的房地产经纪人,故能为客户提供正确的投资目标分析。”客户都希望能有可靠的投资策略顾问,教导如何将房地产作为一种投资手段,让它成为可以提供优沃的收入来源。 “我喜欢用金融专业分析,并通过整合所有不同的金融元素,帮助我的客户建立一个具有拓展财源的现金流投资组合,为他们未来做理财规划。”

当人生一切都美好如期发生时,中国古谚 【天有不测风云,人有旦夕祸福】却在不经意的时刻应验了。Grace 在 2021 年初中风了。这突如其来的当头棒喝,对她来说是一个莫大的打击,因为她一向注重健康养生。凡事亲力亲为的 Grace 体会这是她有生以来,第一次处于被动模式,这种想法陪她度过多少个煎熬的日夜。她花了近一年的时间才完全康复,于是,她开始奔跑起来,迎接宛若重生后的每个日子。

2022 年 3 月 Grace 加入了 eXp Realty 团队。Grace 上进的性格再次鞭策她取得卓尔不群的亮眼成绩。自加入 eXp Realty 后的不到 6个月中,她销售额已经超过了先前地产公司的平均年销售额。 “我要感谢我的客户对我的信任,以及我同事和我公司的协力合作文化。”

能说、写流利普通话、粤语、福建话和马来语 的Grace 在房地产行业屡获殊荣,她是新泽西州的顶级代理商之一。联系Grace 为您提供新泽西州、纽约、佛罗里达州和其他美国房地产需求。可以通过微信号GraceTanUSARealtor、 Instagram 号 GraceTanUSARealtor或 脸书号 GraceTanUSARealtor与她联系。 更多她的励志故事,被刊载在引人入胜的新书《在房地产中当老板的女人》中。这本书多方采集了房产经纪公司、经纪人与业主的论述,以期激励下一代女性的经纪人,能打破房地产经营模式,于此快节奏、利润丰厚的地产行业中,取得成功与荣耀,成为美国地产界的明日之星。

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