How Optymize Helped ReBid in Building Offshore Development Center (ODC) to Scale Up Product Development Team Overnight

Optymize is expanding its business by setting up an Offshore Development Center (ODC) to help Startups and SMEs in product development.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2022 / — The vision of Optymize is to provide top-quality remote talent from around the globe. As Optymize is crossing new business milestones, the vision of expanding is at dawn. Optymize is meeting new clients and crossing hurdles of requirements to reach a better destination. Earlier, Optymize only delivered talented remote developers. Recently, they have succeeded in setting up an Offshore Development Centre (ODC).

ReBid is the first Company for which Optymize set up an ODC. Rebid reached out to Optymize with fewer requirements involving software development. Within a year, the business relationship between Optymize and ReBid grew strong. ReBid declared Optymize as the most reliable Software Development Company. ReBid wanted to develop its products for better growth. After coming to terms, Optymize provided a solution in the form of an Offshore Development Center.

Optymize has an in-built software development network of remote developers. These developers are skilled in web development, emerging technology development, and many others. ReBid wanted seven engineers; two blockchain developers, three full-stack developers, one product manager, and one QA engineer. To overcome this, Optymize organized a team of remote developers to set up an ODC.

Rajiv Dingra, founder and CEO of ReBid expressed, “We are growing quickly. And so the wishes of our clients. They wanted fresh ideas on how to overcome the unlikely business situation. Our clients also wanted to use analytics to solve them. And we have a reputation for solving our clients’ wishes. How to deliver smooth services of our product became our high priority goal. In that situation, Optymize was the most secure means to address our problems. In a service of more than one year, Optymize made us believe that software issues are never going to go away. But we can hire developers within days and solve our software issues. After an internal discussion, we choose Optymize because they have never let us down. Soon we were witnessing the result of the ODC Optymize provided us.”

The remote developers of Optymize worked on a product called ReBidX. The developers were integrating three pieces of software into one. The software update provided an all-in-one experience for the existing ReBid users.

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