The Magellan Series

Parameters of the Magellan series vs. random brand

The Magellan series of iGulu small brewing equipment is coming to the U.S. with powerful functional advantages and supporting services.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, US, March 1, 2023 / — iGulu, a leading craft beer equipment maker announced they would start business operations in the United States. The company made this announcement as part of its plans to ensure global coverage in its bid to provide the best beer equipment worldwide. iGulu plans to launch its second-generation home beer machine at the end of the year while introducing its Magellan model to the North American market through its launch in the US.

Compared to Ssbrewtech, Spike, Blichmann, Stout, and other brands, the Magellan series is more powerful and more technologically intelligent. Here is an example that presents these parameters.

The Magellan series contains complete brewing, fermentation, cleaning, and cooling modules, all of which can be operated automatically throughout. The only manual steps are the raw and auxiliary material placement, cleaning the surface of the mash tun walls, and linking the wort transfer lines.
Product advantages include:
– Light experience easy to use
– Support various customization
– Mobile intelligent monitoring
– Cloud storage of recipes
– CIP self-cleaning design
– Small occupancy for multi-scene

The Magellan Series Brewing Module is currently the most automated mashing product in the world. iGulu’s self-developed HERMS process is the core of the mashing system. It adopts the American-style 3-instrument design and contains a full set of automatic brewing, lautering, tank washing, boiling, and cooling functions while streamlining the process structure, using fewer tanks, and reducing equipment costs to a greater extent. The RIMS process is also a revolution to reduce the risk of uneven heat exchange, enzyme deactivation, and overburning of the mash.

The fermentation module is designed with the function of automatic recipe reading. From primary fermentation, secondary fermentation, lagering, and temperature control during the whole stage of fermentation completion to fermentation time calculation, all can work fully automatically without human intervention. Users are also provided with intelligent alerts for key manual steps such as yeast inoculation, dry pitching of hops, and discharge of cold solids and yeast.

The refrigeration module cooperated with world-renowned chiller suppliers, consists of a set of chillers that can provide a minimum of -5°C cooling medium. It can provide cooling capacity to maintain the fermentation temperature and also facilitate cold storage at 0-5 degrees Celsius after the fermentation is over. The cooling module contains an 80L coolant temporary storage tank, the coolant in the tank inducts the fermentation module in real-time, and continuously pumps circulating coolant when the fermenter is detected to be in working condition. The detection phase of the control module of the fermentation unit uses PID control to maintain temperature control accuracy.

The CIP self-cleaning Module frees the user from the hassle of subsequent cleaning by automatically configuring the cleaning solution and timing, without the need to disassemble the piping and open/close the valves. The CIP Module is compact and flexible, with wheels for easy mobility, and can be purchased separately as a stand-alone product module and used together with other brewing equipment.

The Magellan Series is powerful enough to meet any brewing need. It is professional to support brewing R&D and able to undertake testing before mass production. For restaurateurs, it is the perfect presentation of professional quality and premium equipment, and customers will be able to see the beer-making process firsthand. In addition, Magellan can also take on the development of fermented beverages. Hard seltzer, kombucha, juice bubbles, and other beverages that require boiling, fermentation, or carbonation can all be made with the Magellan Series.

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The Magellan Series