This screenshot is of Inertia's Intelligent Construction Drawings demonstrating an instant visual representation of the status on a project including all related workflows by building element.

Color coded status of Assets and Room Completion on Intelligent Construction Drawing (ICD)

This screenshot of Inertia's Intelligent Construction Drawing shows how you can display all information related to an asset by simply clicking on the Intelligent Drawing - this includes all the inherited BIM properties as well

Display all related Procore workflows and Status simply by clicking on the asset – in this case the MRI units

Contractors want to not only track their standard construction workflows in Procore but also as-built and installed assets – now they can with Inertia ICDs!

With the ICDs, I can see information immediately and get the answers I need. This saves time for the other field level team as well including other PMs, Superintendent, Field and Project Engineers.”

— Trevor Brown – Project Manager, Satterfield & Pontikes

CHULA VISTA, CALIFORNIA, US, November 2, 2022 / — Inertia Systems, creators of Intelligent Construction Drawings (ICD) ( is demonstrating at Procore’s Groundbreak Conference, a new way to organize and track your as-built and installed assets within your Procore environment.

Procore is the leading construction management platform and has garnered that market share by providing a clean and straightforward set of tools to easily capture and share information across all participants in a project. However, no product can do everything and Procore is no exception, that is where Inertia Systems comes in. With Inertia’s Patent Pending Intelligent Construction Drawings (ICDs), Inertia is able to extend Procore’s platform to handle a key function, tracking assets from pre-construction through closeout and handover to operations.

Inertia Asset Tracking for Procore provides 4 key elements:

1) An asset registry to identify, organize and retain all type of building assets from HVAC systems, to plumbing fixtures, to medical equipment, doors, furniture and more
2) Attach Procore workflows to Assets such as Submittals, Observations, Inspections, Photos, Documents, RFI’s as they progress through procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning and inspection
3) Visually depict the status of all your workflows through color-coding directly on the Intelligent Construction Drawings with real-time data – a couple of representative examples:

— With the click of a button, immediately see all the incomplete and failed inspections on in-wall systems
— With another click, see the status of all the rooms on a floor, ready for framing, wall/ceiling closure, owner punch and more
— See the procurement status of all your plumbing fixtures or medical equipment
— You build or install it, Inertia can track it

4) Efficient and high-value close-out – no need to spend months pulling information together at the close of a project to satisfy the contractual requirements. This typically consists of documentation by asset to ensure proper maintenance of the completed project. Since Inertia ICDs are used throughout the construction phase, all the information is already there and organized by asset. Imagine the time and money saved on close-out as well as providing a documentation digital-twin of the as-builts. Less time and a higher-value deliverable – great way to differentiate when bidding on that next project.

Inertia has been used on some of the largest and most complex projects from multi-billion dollar hospital towers and campuses to the pinnacle of US stadiums, the award winning SoFi Stadium.

We look forward to showing attendees at Procore Groundbreak Inertia’s Asset Tracking for Procore along with additional capabilities that enable you to use Procore to its fullest potential. Never fumble again to find the right document, hover over hundreds of clouds and pins to find an RFI or take days to attach inspections to hundreds of VAVs. With Inertia’s ICDs, those manual and error prone activities are as easy as a single mouse-click. Can’t make it to Groundbreak, no problem, schedule a demo.

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Inertia Tracking Assets in Procore