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The Innocent Lives Foundation outlines steps parents can take to help keep kids safe while surfing the internet.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2023/ — The Innocent Lives Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to combating child exploitation and protecting children from online predators, has unveiled its comprehensive guide titled ’10 Things to Keep Your Kids Safe From Online Predators’. The release of this vital resource aims to empower parents and guardians with practical steps to ensure the online safety of their children.

In an increasingly digital world, where children have easy access to the internet, it has become imperative for parents to be vigilant and proactive in protecting their young ones from the lurking dangers posed by online predators. The Innocent Lives Foundation recognizes this urgent need and has developed a concise yet informative list of essential measures to safeguard children while they navigate the vast online landscape.

The foundation’s ’10 Things to Keep Your Kids Safe From Online Predators’ provides parents with valuable insights and recommendations to guide their children’s online activities. The guide emphasizes the importance of maintaining awareness about their children’s online interactions and being mindful of the platforms they frequent. Additionally, it highlights the significance of monitoring devices and having access to their social media accounts, particularly for younger children.

Recognizing the potential indicators of online predation, the Innocent Lives Foundation advises parents to be alert to any sudden changes in their child’s behavior, such as extreme isolation or loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities. The guide also cautions against the appearance of unusual and expensive gifts, like phones, laptops, tablets, or gaming systems, as they could be red flags of grooming or manipulation by predators.

While the Innocent Lives Foundation stresses the importance of fostering open communication with children, it urges parents not to blame or belittle their child if they do become ensnared by an online predator. Instead, parents should strive to be their child’s advocate, offering support, understanding, and guidance during such challenging times.

The release of this comprehensive guide is part of the Innocent Lives Foundation’s ongoing commitment to protecting vulnerable children and combating the pervasive issue of child exploitation. By providing parents with practical steps to safeguard their children, the foundation aims to raise awareness about the dangers of online predators and equip families with the knowledge necessary to prevent such crimes.

To learn more about the Innocent Lives Foundation and access the ’10 Things to Keep Your Kids Safe From Online Predators’ guide, please visit their official website at

The article itself:

10 things to keep your kids safe from online predators.

1. Be aware of who your kids are chatting with and where they are

2. Especially for younger kids: monitor devices to keep them safe.

3. Especially for younger kids: ensure you have access to their
social media accounts.

4. Look for changes in behavior, like extreme isolation or lack of
interest in things they used to love.

5. Be aware of strange, expensive gifts that pop up to your house
like phones, laptops, tablets, or gaming systems.

6. You are your kids’ advocate, not their adversary. Make sure you
communicate that to them.

7. Do not blame or belittle if your child does become entrapped.

8. Have open conversations about the dangers of online predators
with your kids.

9. Don’t assume – “It won’t happen to me.”

10. Be informed about social media – Many times, having them
show you new apps, sites, or features can keep you “in the know.”

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