SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA , USA, October 24, 2022 / — Innovesta Technologies Ltd. today announced that Franklin Templeton has invited the firm to become
the latest member of its Silicon Valley Fintech Investment program.

Franklin Templeton’s Fintech program continuously looks for emerging Fintech startups that can provide cutting-edge technology to its core
business. As active members of the firm’s investment community, portfolio companies can participate in
Franklin Templeton’s larger ecosystem, including interacting with the firm’s global investment,
distribution, and operational teams.

As a pioneer in the emerging realm of contextual analytics, Innovesta provides real-time ESG and
investment-related sentiment analysis that transforms the way investing decisions are made. Innovesta’s
customizable API is specifically relevant to the needs of future investors due to the ease with which its
machine learning and natural language understanding capabilities are leveraged for pragmatic business
decisions in the areas of ESG, investment, risks, regulations, and more.

Yali Harari, CEO and Co-founder of Innovesta, expressed her enthusiasm for joining Franklin’s Fintech program:
“We’re thrilled to provide multiple departments across Franklin Templeton with access to the gold mine of data that is
available via our state-of-the-art Innovesta signals.”

Margaret King, VP of Fintech Partnerships & Corporate Strategic Investments at Franklin Templeton commented:
“After connecting directly with Yali and her team, we became very excited to learn more
about how Innovesta’ s real-time ESG and AI capabilities can disrupt traditional investment research
processes. We are excited to explore how we might leverage those machine learning capabilities in
opportunities throughout the firm.”

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