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Technology has made it easier to monitor baby’s safety with the help of Netvue PeekaBaby, a cutting-edge baby monitor that puts baby’s safety and comfort first.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2023 / — As a parent, ensuring baby’s safety and well-being is always the top priority. However, it can be challenging to keep a watchful eye on the little one all the time, especially during the night when they are sleeping. Fortunately, technology has made it easier to monitor baby’s safety and sleep with the help of Netvue PeekaBaby, a cutting-edge baby monitor that puts baby’s safety and comfort first.

One of the unique features of PeekaBaby is its artificial intelligence technology, which can detect babies and their movements, giving users a better idea of how they are sleeping. With this technology, parents can receive alerts if their baby rolls over or if their breathing pattern changes. This advanced monitoring system can provide parents with much-needed peace of mind.

Another essential feature of PeekaBaby is the pre-loaded lullabies. These lullabies allow parents to choose from a variety of songs or even record their own to help soothe their baby to sleep. Having the ability to choose the music that works best for baby can help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

PeekaBaby also includes temperature and humidity sensors, ensuring that baby’s room remains at a comfortable temperature and that the air quality is safe for users’ little one. Additionally, PeekaBaby features a baby sleep diary that tracks baby’s sleep patterns, allowing parents to adjust their sleep schedule accordingly.

The PeekaBaby monitor comes with a 5-inch color parent screen, providing clear visuals of the baby while they sleep. With the two-way-talk feature, parents can talk to their baby and soothe them with their voice from another room. Additionally, PeekaBaby allows parents to record a small clip of their voice or a soothing song, which can be played at any time to comfort their baby.

For added convenience, PeekaBaby includes live streaming, enabling parents to keep an eye on their baby while they are away from home. The four-in-one crib mount allows for easy installation on a desk, wall, winding, or clip installation, providing parents with a range of options that best fit their needs.

PeekaBaby is not only designed with baby’s safety and comfort in mind, but it also takes environmental concerns seriously. All materials used in the product are environmentally friendly, ensuring that parents can provide a safe environment for their baby while also protecting the planet.

Lastly, PeekaBaby features night vision that kicks in as soon as it gets dark in the nursery. The IRL cut lights are baby-eye friendly, ensuring that the baby is not disturbed by harsh lights during the night. With this feature, parents can have a clear view of their baby, even during the darkest hours of the night.
In conclusion, PeekaBaby is a revolutionary baby monitor that prioritizes the baby’s safety and comfort while parents can have peace of mind and convenience. PeekaBaby’s commitment to using environmentally friendly materials and baby-eye friendly night vision sets it apart from other baby monitors, making it the perfect choice for modern parents who want to ensure the safety and comfort of their baby.

Netvue Peekababy is specially designed to lighten the burden of rookie parents, and give the baby the most intimate care. The product will be ready to sold to the public in March. For more information, follow their official website and make a pre-order: If you are interested in becoming our first users, please contact Netvue marketing team:

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