LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Announcing Public Market, an interactive, modern food community of chefs, influencers, food creators and home cooks brought together to share the stories in front of their creations. Here you can watch videos, share stories, and learn through original content and digital shows – all produced by Public Market’s team of creators and expert partner chefs.

Video: San Pedro Fish Market
Mike Ungaro @sanpedrofish
Video: Gimbap – Traditional Korean Dish
Beverly Min Thiagarajan @bmthia
Video: https://publicmarket.com/rebecca-firth/
Rebecca Firth @displacedhousewife

Drawing inspiration from the world’s best public markets, Public Market has created the premier digital culinary destination. Here, visitors can explore and discover the fascinating and little-known stories behind some of the greatest food locales, most beloved recipes, and the authentic and talented people who make it all happen. PM’s curated collective of chefs, food creators, innovators and everyday people bring their recipes to life by telling the stories behind their creations.

“Public markets around the world tell our local food stories – stories of people, place, and culture. Public Market is a food experience where cuisines and people come together from everywhere to discover what is new, and to connect by sharing their authentic stories,” said Brad Sive, co-founder of Public Market. “In every great city, you will find a public market, a vibrant community that is open to everyone – this is a digital version of that experience.”

“Many food sites focus solely on recipes. Public Market focuses on the stories and people behind the recipes – using food as a form of self-expression,” added Sive. “Of course you get the recipes too, but you get to know the creators and what inspired them.”

Public Market knows that life’s most meaningful moments happen where food and people meet. By offering a new way to share and experience beloved recipes, deeper connections are built in our families and communities. Through food and recipes, Public Market tells the story behind the people who created them and the places where they originated. Every meal, every recipe, and every combination of ingredients originated somewhere. Meet at Public Market and experience a place where culture, cuisine, and community are revered and celebrated.

Public Market’s future expansion plans include the build out of an omni-channel digital experience that includes ecommerce, cooking lessons, digital culinary series, and an incubator for new food creators with physical concepts.

Submit your story at: Share Your Story and you could be featured in our next PM video and become a PM creator – we welcome great stories from chefs and food influencers, but you don’t have to be either to share your story, you just have a unique recipe story that needs to be told. We want to hear and tell your story.


About Public Market
At Public Market we know every meal, every recipe, and every combination of ingredients originated somewhere. Public Market is where the stories behind the foods we love come to life. Because we believe life is most meaningful where food and humans intersect. We want to share a new way to experience recipes and introduce you to the people who make the foods we love. We are a group of long-time friends brought together through our own cultural traditions and a deep passion for incredible food, drink and storytelling.

About Brad Sive
Brad Sive is a media and marketing executive who also has a passion for learning about new foods – not just the enjoyment of food, but how food, cooking and recipes bring people together. This passion led him to start Public Market with a team of long time friends, a place where food, people and culture become one. The core belief behind Public Market is that life’s most meaningful moments happen when humans and food intersect.

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