Meet Katya Dmitriva – Founder of Intuitive Life Coaching Academy (ILCATE)

Happy Graduates of ILCATE Academy Receive ICF Accreditation

Katya Dmitriva – Founder of Intuitive Life Coaching Academy (ILCATE) holds Intuitive Life Coaching Seminar Graduation Diploma

International Coaching Federation (ICF) and ACTP Accredited Academy offers Intuitive Development, Healing Arts, and Comprehensive Life Coaching Education

The Intuitive Academy of The Third Eye gave me the tools, modalities, training and expertise to confidently move forward and step into my purpose as an Intuitive Life Coach.”

— ILCATE Student, Demetria V

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA , USA, June 7, 2023/ — Recognized by Life Coaching Magazine.ComILCATE – The School of the Third Eye, offers intuitive development, healing arts, and comprehensive life coaching education to master the art of healing people. This ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited academy offers the highest standards in education, business building, and coaching for those looking to develop their intuition as well as train and facilitate entrepreneurship for coaches.

The Academy offers resources for individuals seeking to develop his/her intuition, be a resource and a conduit of change, practice or facilitate life coaching opportunities, become a certified professional life coach, as well as create a successful business.

Resources provided by the academy include: enhanced personal and professional growth, expanded intuition and psychic abilities, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

“The Intuitive Academy of The Third Eye gave me the tools, modalities, training and expertise to confidently move forward and step into my purpose as an Intuitive Life Coach. Their curriculum, hands on approach, case studies, real life application and experience has been priceless, and I am so glad I went with this academy to get my certification in. Highly recommend to anyone exploring the possibility of becoming a Life Coach. You will be transformed in the best way!” ~ Demetria V

Coaches will learn Coaching Fundamentals such as the history and what it means to be a coach, as defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Classes dive into the ICF core competencies and frameworks to support meaningful outcomes towards a client’s overarching goals.

Coaching skills & processes such as deep, active listening to ask empowering questions and how to apply coaching skills in different contexts. Leveraging a toolbox of processes, the Academy will teach students how to customize approaches for each client guiding them through the Coaching Agreement, Conversation, and Closing phases of a session.

Ultimately, the Academy seeks to Coach Individuals for deeper breakthroughs. In the last decade many forms of limiting beliefs and inner blocks have been explored for healing. In the ILCATE courses, students will spend quite some time going through how to create awareness, identify these blockers, and gain buy-in to help coaches and client’s breakthrough for effective change.

Students receive: (1) ICF Certification as a Professional Life Coach (2) 6 Months of Live Facilitation & Support (3) Peer & Mentor Coaching Practicum (4) Printed Student Guide & Resources (5) Program Materials in an Online Portal (6) Monthly Office Hour with our Director.

“At the Intuitive Life Coaching Academy, we make a powerful impact. Through education, intuition, and personal transformation, our students become catalysts for change. Armed with knowledge, intuition, and creative thinking, they empower others to unlock their true potential. As they embark on their own transformative journeys, they emerge as compassionate guides, shaping destinies and illuminating paths of growth. In our remarkable academy, lives are forever altered, and the world is transformed one coaching journey at a time.” ~ Founder, Katya Dmitrieva

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