Irvine personal trainer helping client reach fitness goals

Irvine personal trainers help clients achieve ambitious fitness goals

Experienced Irvine personal trainers challenge its clientele to embrace hitting fitness goals well before New Year’s Day, in an effort to reach fitness goals

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2022 / — Hideout Fitness, a private gym in Irvine, recently encouraged readers to stop depending on New Year’s resolutions to bring them personal improvement and happiness. Especially regarding fitness and health goals.

In a new article released by the experienced personal trainers in Irvine, titled ‘Don’t Wait For New Year’s Resolutions,’ the private gym in Irvine sheds some light on why those looking to improve their health and fitness shouldn’t wait until January to start turning their life around.

According to a study from Statista, the most common New Year’s resolutions have to do with personal improvement and health. Hideout Fitness, and one of its coaches, veteran Chris Monje, use this as the perfect opportunity to encourage readers to start improving right now.

Fighting A Losing Battle: Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

The failure of fitness goals is a common enough occurrence that people have often researched why resolutions fail. Monje and his team explain some common reasons that peoples’ resolutions come up short.

“Not being specific enough with fitness goals can set people up for failure. While we encourage everyone to start a healthy fitness journey, people should clearly define what they want to accomplish,” explains Monje.

“Want to lose weight? Think of what a goal should be. Likewise, if someone is committed to lifting weights, what’s the ideal weight they want to bench by June? Being more specific with fitness goals can make a massive difference.”

Another key aspect of a majority of New Year’s resolution failures is negativity. While the concept of thinking positively is easier said than done in many cases, Monje explains that by subtly switching around self-talk, resolutions have a better chance of staying on track rather than dying on the vine.

“We often experience New Year’s resolutions with a tinge of negativity. For example, if someone wants to lose weight, that can sound like, “Ugh, I need to lose weight.” As if having to lose weight in the first place is a shameful thing. We’re here to tell people it isn’t.”

Along with helping people build muscle and lose weight, the Hideout Fitness staff wants to foster an environment that encourages positive change.

Ways To Start Improving Health Right Now With Hideout Fitness

While pointing out that New Year’s resolutions can often end in unfulfilled fitness goals and the status quo, Monje and his team want to encourage people to latch onto motivation and improve themselves with a friend or two.

“Another great way to reach a New Year’s resolution health goals is to lean on a network of friends. Remember a big reason why people should ditch their reliance on New Year’s Day? A lack of accountability can make a resolution go up in smoke.”

While some individuals benefit from going it alone and achieving their lofty goals with an experienced trainer, many others can benefit from a robust network of friends and confidants.

“This is where clients can directly oppose one of the main failings of standard New Year’s resolutions: semi-private training sessions with others…if one signs up for semi-private fitness training in Irvine, they can have a small network of motivation to draw on. Friends keep friends accountable, especially when improving their minds and bodies.”

Indeed, having even a modicum of accountability and shared responsibility can eliminate lethargy. Motivation is a powerful motivator, says Monje.

The holidays are notorious for allowing people to put their health in the rearview with massive meals. A way to combat harmful holiday eating habits is to start slightly modifying one’s diet. Monje emphasizes that it doesn’t take a lot, and it doesn’t need to be drastic.

‘…we’re not here to admonish people for enjoying this time of year, especially with family. But again, they don’t have to wait until New Year’s Day to turn it all around. They can even implement healthier eating habits little by little. Baby steps are still steps.”

Monje puts forth the concept of subtly substituting certain foods with their healthy alternatives for a small boost in health.

“People are cutting out junk food and promoting healthy eating by substituting unhealthy food with alternatives. For example, try apples with peanut butter or even celery with cream cheese. It’s a small but crucial step to actually start to see results.”

Along with moderation, opting for healthier alternatives can help people overcome the onslaught of dinners replete with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and candied sweet potatoes.

“But by framing goals with negativity, people are setting themselves up for failure. Instead, try putting a positive spin on it and see how they perceive a goal. Instead of ‘I have to,’ try framing it as ‘I get the opportunity to.’”

Lastly, a great way to improve one’s health without arbitrary dates, says Monje, is hiring a personal trainer to give a person the attention to fitness they deserve.

“[Hideout Fitness] coaches can help set and reach goals for one’s body…interested in muscle-building? Want to start toning…? Building strength? Irvine personal trainers have a plan tailored to everyone and their specific physical resolutions. Our personal trainers help track weekly progress to ensure customer satisfaction.”

Working Out With The Coaches At Hideout Fitness

A marine veteran with two tours and a purple heart, Chris Monje uses the lessons learned in the military to help people achieve their fitness goals. Regardless if these goals are based on New Year’s resolutions or not.

Monje explains, “With backgrounds in the marines to collegiate athletes, there’s a coach here for everyone, regardless of specific challenges and goals.”

Unlocking the hero within is a major end goal for all Irvine personal trainers at Hideout Fitness.

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