ISSIP is thrilled that Haroon Abbu is leading ISSIP’s Excellence in Service Innovation Awards. As a 2022 winner he supports a standard of excellence that will shine a light on innovators of all types.”

— ISSIP President Terri Griffith

SANTA CLARA, CA, USA, October 18, 2022 / —
The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP), the global membership organization advancing Service Innovation to better serve commerce, society and humanity, has appointed Haroon Abbu to lead its prestigious Service Excellence Awards process.

Dr. Haroon Abbu is Vice President of Digital, Data and Analytics at Bell and Howell. An accomplished leader with expertise in leading technology enabled business transformation, Haroon leverages state-of-the-art technology to create positive customer-focused successes and strategically bring valuable data and analytics insights into vital elements of the business. He has vast experience in implementing and integrating enterprise applications, streamlining processes, and building digital and analytics products that enable employees and customers to obtain greater value from data and services. Recognized in the 2022 Global Top 100 Innovators in Data and Analytics, and Finalist in 2022 Data Leader of the Year, Haroon’s focus is on developing a corporate culture empowered by digital technology, leveraging innovations such as IoT, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence. He is a sought-after thought leader, keynote speaker at industry events, and coauthor of Trust: The Winning Formula for Digital Leaders, a Practical Guide for Digital Transformation.

“ISSIP is thrilled that Haroon Abbu is leading ISSIP’s Excellence in Service Innovation Awards. As a 2022 winner for Bell and Howell’s Remote360 Program, Haroon and the Awards committee support a standard of excellence that will shine a light on innovators of all types,” said ISSIP President Terri Griffith.

Nominations for Service Excellence recognition in 2023 are now open. Organizations and teams applying for the annual ISSIP Excellence in Service Innovation Award undergo a rigorous evaluation by ISSIP’s Awards Committee, and composed of experts from industry and academia, not affiliated with the submitting companies. Submissions are judged by scoring on the uniqueness, creativity, technical merit, value generation and impact of the innovative solution in each of three categories: ‘impact to business,’ ‘impact to society’ and ‘impact to innovation.’ The ISSIP Excellence in Service award is given to a company or organization that has designed, developed, or deployed a novel solution that, in the judgment of, the ISSIP Awards Committee, is the most innovative of all the submissions for that year in its category.

ISSIP encourages nominators, whether a start-up, Fortune 50, or somewhere in-between, to ‘focus on your team, your organization or your own innovation impact across industry and/or society. innovation is everywhere.’ Individual membership to #issip is free. Click to submit award nominations, to provide your organization an opportunity for recognition and connection to ISSIP’s more than 1500 members representing hundreds of businesses, nonprofits and government entities as well as 200+, universities, in 42 countries.”

The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals, (pronounced ‘IZip’) is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit membership association, for individuals and institutions, on a mission to advance people-centered, data intensive, service innovation to benefit people, business, and society. Founded in 2012 by a small cadre of thought leaders from universities, and industry innovators IBM, Cisco and HP, ISSIP collaborates with world-leading foundations, including Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), the US’ National Science Foundation (NSF), and more than 200 universities in 42 countries, and is recognized for the value of its regular Discovery Summits, Ambassador collaborations with other organizations and the prestigious ISSIP Excellence and Distinguished Service Awards in Service Innovation. For more, please go to

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