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Actor Jermaine Brantley recently featured as a Jabari Warrior.

When you have a warrior mentality (like I do), it’s a passion and drive that you can’t fully explain. It’s as if your genetic makeup is that of a real-life superhero.”

— Jermaine Brantley

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2022 / — From the original characters for Black Panther and the sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Actor Jermaine Brantley, born in San Diego, California, is a graduate of North Carolina A & T. From being a Producer, Director, Model, Actor, Fitness Coach, Host, is now featured as one of the original Jabari Warriors since the first Black Panther MARVEL franchise.

The original cast as a Jabari warriors since Black Panther movie from MARVEL, is conformed by Travis Love, Floyd Anthony Johns Jr., Granger Summerset II, and Jermaine Brantley as of one of the most fundamentalist tribes in the story. Brantley’s experience as an Athlete, Personal Trainer, and Mentor has enabled him to stand out in the cinema and action successfully in both films.

In the story of Wakanda Forever, a war erupted, as the Jabari fought to retain their faith, but, when they began plans to conquer all of Wakanda, the new King T’Challa condemned the tribe and dispersed them throughout the country. The Jabari were a small tribe of Wakanda with a special connection to gorillas. They used to be known by another name, but began calling themselves the Jabari in honor of one of their greatest warriors, who gave his life for his people.

After the death of King T’Chaka, the Jabari began the cult of the sacred White Gorilla, a practice that was considered blasphemy by more fundamentalist tribes. A war erupted, as the Jabari fought to retain their faith, but, when they began plans to conquer all of Wakanda, the new King T’Challa condemned the tribe and dispersed them throughout the country.

Since Brantley started his carrer some of his credits in Acting are “For Better or For Worse”, “Scandal”, NCIS, and “The Game” to working on movie and television productions such as: “The Walking Dead”, “Blind Side”, “Hall Pass”, “Necessary Roughness”, “42” (The Jackie Robinson Story), “Hunger Games 2 & 3”, and “Fast & Furious” and the infamous “Black Panther” of MARVEL to name a few.

Brantley is also highly respected in the community, and he is proud of his work in the community by working with organizations to raise funds and build awareness to organizations such as: the Coppa Claus Ministry (Christmas Gift Giveaway), First African Baptist Church (Oldest Black Church in North America) outreach, additionally he serves as a motivational speaker for multiple schools, to hosting charitable events- Easter
Seals “Fashion Uncorked” and The Legendary Foundation.

“As a creator, performer, and director, I’ve always had an admiration for how films are made. The creativeness and ingenuity it takes to make a production come to life from inception to the film screen is astonishing!”.

“Through the lens of an actor, working with my colleagues filming scenes where we can be vulnerable, tapping into a variety of emotions from sad moments to celebratory times, is also moving to me. Everyone on set works as a team and is passionate about the work that we are all doing to not just entertain but inspire the world.”

“My purpose is to help others by being a positive influence in society, becoming a better business man, leader, teacher, and the lists goes on. When you are constantly growing mentally, spiritually, and physically, it is beyond fulfilling.”

Jermaine Brantley has been invited to speak and share his film experiences at the panels of comicon’s edition and many other conventions. Sharing his experience as an actor, action figure and his motivational speech on athletic discipline and martial arts.

“I see myself continuing to do what I love and work on growing (in every area of life), to be that power beacon of light by sharing my story through my work in the entertainment industry”.

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