Bonavia has seen tremendous personal success as a crypto trader and is now sharing his secrets with his clients.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2022 / — John Bonavia is pleased to announce he is starting a new journey as a Cryptocurrency Advisor with The Bonavia Group.

John Bonavia is a former financial advisor and notorious risk taker and thrill seeker. When he is not doing his own research in the crypto industry and investing in BTC, ETH, and ADA, John can be found helping others to achieve their financial goals and create generational wealth.

In his most recent news, John is informing the public that he is now taking on his first clients as a Cryptocurrency Advisor through his brand-new company, The Bonavia Group. The company provides investment strategies for crypto through meeting with clients one-on-one every week, via Zoom, to teach the ins and outs to leveraging wealth. While the company mainly focuses on Blue Chip Cryptocurrencies, it also tries to play all of the latest Alt coins as well.

“While all of our competition lives in the past, my group is in the here and now,” John says. “Groups like Edward Jones and Charles Schwab are still managing portfolios that aren’t geared towards any clients’ future success. The future is in non-fungible tokens and the blockchain, specifically ETH.”

“Every single person that isn’t using social media 5-10 years from now or getting familiar with what the blockchain is and creating future investments and opportunities for their clients, are irrelevant and will now longer be anyone’s competition in the next coming years, none-the-less mine or any groups,” he continues. “We will show you how to invest $30,000 – $50,000 without using any of your own cash. Contact us now to get set up!”

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About John Bonavia

John Bonavia is a former financial advisor, current crypto analyst, and founder of The Bonavia Group. When he began focusing on crypto as a means for income, he initially dabbled in low market cap coins, but now also invests in BTC, ETH, as well as ADA. Lately, he mostly spends his time sharing personal opinions with the world, talking about tactics and the rules of the road to make investing better for mankind.
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