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The Red Pill events are a great way to help entrepreneurs free themselves from the harmful belief systems that permeate their lives and keep them from their greatest achievements.”

— Jon Block

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2023/ — HealthPreneur Jon Block recently hosted his Red Pill XP Retreat in San Diego. This three day event occurred May 19th-May 21st, 2023. The event is a health & business retreat designed to empower HealthPreneurs liberating others from the matrices of our planet. The HeathPreneurs are the Jedi of our galaxy. The ones who spread light across the 5 dimensions of health: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social.

Jon brings togethers leaders and empowers them to enter industries and communities to spread far greater health, wealth, and sovereignty through the power of leading their OWN retreats and communities. His events are a mixture of activities designed to awaken & unify attendees.. They experience sound healing, Reiki, yoga, Qigong meditation and movements, and more. Jon loves working with “Disruptor-preneurs” that do not accept the status quo and are looking to gain enlightenment through alternative teachings. The event was held in an upscale home in San Diego to create greater intimacy and connection than would be found in hotel ballroom seminars. Jon personally chooses each location to be conducive to human connection and warmth in order to encourage attendees to feel comfortable opening up to others.

The Red Pill XP Retreat helps participants to examine their belief systems and the ingrained thought processes that keep them from personal enlightenment and distanced from others. The exercises and trainings cover both internal and external growth and serve to connect participants with each other in a spiritual and caring way. The status quo of corporate run establishments such as healthcare, media, the military and other foundations of everyday life that focus on profits vs societal good are examined. Jon and his trainers offer their own perspectives and best practices for staying grounded, open minded and relearning genuine human connection. The purpose of the Red Pill XP event is to guide others to evolve their relationship to money, stop pursuing status obsessively, and getting hijacked by ego. The next Red Pill XP event is September 26th – September 29th in San Diego.

Jon Block has presented on 500+ stages since 2011. He has mentored over 1500 entrepreneurs on using public speaking and live events to grow their businesses organically. His public speaking clients include HBO and Google. He has produced 42 festivals and conferences. Jon is the co-founder of Abundant HealthPreneur Tribe and the host & curator of The Red Pill XP 3-day in-person retreats, empowering leaders to break free and liberate others from the systems of control on our planet.

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