Superior Court Judge Admonishes Lawyer Mark B. Plummer

An Orange County Superior Court judge admonished disqualified lawyer Mark Plummer of Yorba Linda for incivility.

Mr. Plummer also made the unprofessional comment to opposing counsel that I am asking him about
garbage that you have told the court in all your ex parte

— Judge Schwarm- Orange County Superior Court

SANTA ANA , CA, USA, October 14, 2022 / — An Orange County Superior Court judge admonished lawyer Mark B. Plummer of Yorba Linda for “incivility” on October 4, 2022.
The court ruled that Plummer failed to comply with the Orange County Bar Civility Guidelines. In addition to disqualifying Plummer as a lawyer from the civil case, the court ruled that Plummer’s deposition conduct was also improper. Before being ordered “disqualified” by the court the same week, Plummer represented himself, his law practice “Law Offices of Mark Plummer”, and his wife Jocelyn Plummer.

The court ruled that Mark Plummer violated the Orange County Bar Association’s Civility Guidelines by verbally harassing the parties at a deposition. Among other conduct, the court cited that during a referenced 2018 deposition, Plummer stated that defendant was “blabbering away,” “reading in garbage,” “incompetent,” and Plummer went as far out of accusing the defendant of “plotting a crime.” The judge even admonished Plummer’s uncivilized deposition remarks to opposing counsel which included “I am asking him about garbage that you have told the court in all your ex parte crap.” Although Plummer was not sanctioned, the judge warned Plummer that further violations of the Bar Civility Guidelines at depositions could result in additional orders against Plummer.

Plummer has been sanctioned by the courts for litigation misconduct in a number of other cases. Santa Clara Superior Court sanctioned lawyer Mark Plummer and Law Offices of Mark Plummer $2000 on March 10, 2022 in Aerofund v. Staff 24 LLC et al., Case No. 21CV375893. He was also sanctioned $4000 by Orange County Superior Court on June 24, 2019 in Plummer v. Rezai et al., Case No. 30-2018-01014163. Orange County Superior Court sanctioned Mark Plummer $15,000 in Newchurch v. ADP and then sanctioned him in the amount of $10,443.

Although the State Bar may discipline lawyers for violation of the professional rules of conduct and ethics violations, often it does not. Mark Plummer’s State Bar profile as of the date of this publication does not reflect any public discipline.

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