Kaiser collected naked photos of Dr. DOE having sex in the privacy of his home, and illegally interrogated Dr. DOE about his private sex life

If the allegations in the Complaint are true, my company will terminate Kaiser as a healthcare provider for its employees and we will be following the case closely”

— Brandon McDonnell


A San Francisco Kaiser gay physician, referred to only as “Dr. DOE” to protect his identity, has filed a civil Complaint in the San Francisco Superior Court against Kaiser Hospital for invasion of privacy, false imprisonment, and assault and battery. The Complaint alleges a sordid pattern of Kaiser’s retaliation against LGBTQ+ doctors based on a witch hunt to find and eliminate those allegedly participating in “legendary sex parties” while away from work and simultaneously protecting straight doctors who are illegally prescribing dangerous amounts of controlled substances that Dr. DOE warned Kaiser had to be reported to the DEA as a whistleblower.

According to the Complaint, “as part of the witch hunt into wild sex parties outside the Kaiser workplace, Kaiser collected naked photos of Dr. DOE having sex from Dr. DOE’s ex-boyfriend that were taken in the privacy of Dr. DOE’s home, and illegally interrogated Dr. DOE about his private sex life, his sexual history, his sexual partners and whether he had sex at the hospital with other gay Kaiser doctors.” Dr. DOE alleges he was targeted for this harassment partly because a previous Kaiser investigation involved Dr. DOE’s ex-fiancé (and then Assistant Chief of Hospitalist Medicine) as well as the former Chief of Hospitalist Medicine, both of whom are no longer at Kaiser. The Complaint also alleges that he was “targeted by Kaiser management because he refused to identify Kaiser physicians who attended these ‘legendary sex parties,’ but instead became a whistleblower regarding a straight Kaiser physician who was prescribing a lethal amount of controlled substances to her husband each month.” Kaiser refused to take any action against the straight, prescribing doctor, and when Dr. DOE demanded to know why LBGTQ+ doctors were being singled out and treated differently than straight doctors, Dr. DOE was targeted to be fired from Kaiser.

During the illegal investigation conducted by Kaiser into Dr. DOE’s private sex life, Dr. DOE became a patient at Kaiser Hospital due to a serious medical condition. The Complaint states, “unethical tests were conducted on Dr. DOE that endangered his life in an effort to obtain evidence of illicit drug use that Kaiser believed was occurring at the gay sex parties attended by Kaiser doctors. When Dr. DOE was physically unable to comply with the physician’s demand, Dr. DOE was falsely imprisoned for hours and prohibited from leaving the hospital with a guard stationed at his hospital room door. The Kaiser physician ordered blood drawn by force from Dr. DOE which endangered his critical medical condition.” This physical assault and battery upon Dr. DOE was done in hopes of getting test results that Kaiser could use against Dr. DOE to fire him. “Kaiser falsely imprisoned him to force a fourth drug test that Dr. Doe had taken. But, all four drug tests showed absolutely no drug use.” Dr. DOE’s reaction to this episode was “I did not believe I could be more humiliated than when Kaiser collected naked photos of me and passed them around until I was further humiliated and frightened at my own hospital when I witnessed Kaiser colleagues unethically and immorally placing my life in jeopardy to support bogus charges against me because of my gay lifestyle. I was not treated like a patient and there has been absolutely no humanity in the way I have been treated by Kaiser.”

To justify firing Dr. DOE, “the Assistant Chief of Kaiser San Francisco repeatedly lied under oath at an employment hearing regarding the violation of Dr. DOE’s privacy rights and had to be removed from the panel that would rule on Kaiser’s recommendation to fire Dr. DOE.” His attorney, Eduardo Roy of Prometheus Partners, a former federal prosecutor stated, “This is the single-most egregious attack on the LGBTQ+ community by a hospital system that I have seen in my 25+-year career. I am responsible for ensuring Kaiser does not get away with this as to my client and other impacted gay physicians. I believe the San Francisco LGBTQ+ community will stand with us in this fight along with companies that have a choice on which insurance company they will select to care for their employees in the present and going forward.” Brandon McDonnell, Vice President of PCC Logistics, a national logistics company, stated: “If the allegations in the Complaint are true, my company will terminate Kaiser as a healthcare provider for its employees and we will be following the case closely.” That case is Dr. DOE v. KAISER PERMANENTE, San Francisco Superior Court, Case Number CGC-22-602563

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