It’s Okay To Change Your Mind

Karen Moore creates a wonderful Children’s story with a valuable lesson

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 22, 2023/ — As children grow into this world, they may face challenges and even doubt their own abilities, particularly in decision-making, because they are not yet accustomed to thinking for themselves. They always have their mother or father to make decisions for them, which sometimes makes them doubt their ability to make their own.

Karen Moore encourages both children and parents in this book to let their children learn from their own mistakes and decisions in life. This action is not intended to abandon the children but rather to assist them in standing on their own thinking and being. After all, they are still distinct individuals from their parents.

“It’s Okay to Change Your Mind” is creatively written to entice children to read along and understand quickly about the things that they should not be afraid of – making decisions. This book will shape children to be courageous and firm in all their choices in life because they were taught at a young age.

Karen Moore is a creative writer who has specialized in children’s books. She has published several books that can help and guide parents and guardians in caring for their little ones—a great companion before a good night’s sleep, with a valuable lesson to share with the kids.

Definitely a must-buy children’s book. Follow Isabella, the book’s heroine, and her exciting adventures! Catch Karen Moore’s “It’s Okay to Change Your Mind” on Amazon and all online book retailers.

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