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Award Winning Artist and Grammy® Voting Member Kendra Muecke of Kendra & the Bunnies opens up about attack that inspired newest pop music release “of all time”

No matter the reason, Muecke has found a way to move on through songwriting, specifically the enlightening and energetic song “Alive,” which appears on the singer’s new EP of all time.”

— People Magazine, Tricia Despres

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 2, 2023 / — Pop singer/songwriter and philanthropist Kendra & the Bunnies (Kendra Muecke) recently released her new EP, “of all time.” She is sharing the terrifying experience that inspired the album exclusively with

Kendra has always been transparent about her struggles with anxiety and paranoia. Now, in her most vulnerable interview yet, she’s opening up to Tricia Despres about one horrific night in March of 2021.

While visiting family in rural California, Kendra had an eerie feeling that she was being watched. “I just felt it,” Kendra explained. I felt like something was going on. But, then I was like you’re watching Netflix, you’re in the country. Let it go.”

After convincing herself there was nothing to worry about, Kendra jumped in the shower around midnight. It was then that she noticed a shadowy figure outside the curtain.

“I thought it was the dog or one of my family members because it just kept inching closer to me,” Muecke recalls. “I got a brief view of his face. He was a young-ish guy, and he ran. All of it started to hit me at once, and I just started screaming.”

Kendra drew from her remarkable strength and courage to create her new EP, “of all time” (produced by Justine Blazer at Ten7Teen Studios). The six-track EP includes 3 original R&B-influenced pop songs, written by Kendra herself, alongside 3 variations of those songs, totaling in 6 tracks. The songs feature Kendra’s notorious rock ’n roll vibe, mixed with fierce dance pop rhythms and bubblegum energy.

“The message I want to relay to fans and all listeners is to turn your intuition into a tool,” Kendra discloses. “Let your fear speak to you in a healthy way and always keep a light on outside your darkest window.”

“of all time” Track Listing:
1. Showstopper
2. Alive
3. Lucky Girl
4. Alive (Sped Up Version) – Remix
5. Showstopper (Slowed & Reverb Version) – Remix
6. Lucky Girl (Vocals)

With a combined total of over 206K followers on social media and nearly 1 million streams on Spotify, Kendra & the Bunnies has proven to be a fan-favorite in pop music.

Music videos, as well as a special “Showstopper” remix featuring rapper AYO SK3TCH, will be announced soon.

About Kendra & the Bunnies:
Kendra Muecke (BMI) of Kendra & the Bunnies is a freestyle rock-loving pop artist, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Kendra has released numerous albums, EPs, and singles centered around the themes of self-love and shared understanding.

Atop her numerous releases, Kendra is very involved in The Recording Academy as a Grammy Voting Member, GRAMMY U mentor and GrammyNEXT member (2022), and she is on the Recording Academy Los Angeles Chapter Foundation Committee + Los Angeles Chapter Board and Advocacy Committee. In February 2023, Kendra spoke on a panel on behalf of The Recording Academy’s GRAMMY U program. The panel was held at Arizona State University alongside Jordin Sparks, Qiana Conley, and Randy Henderson.

Kendra & the Bunnies is also a two-time Josie Music Award winner for Artist of the Year (Multi-Genre) in 2021 and Artist of the Year (Pop) in 2022.

Kendra Muecke is a graduate of Pepperdine University (Bachelor of Fine Arts, Theatre Arts) and Musicians Institute (Independent Artist Program). Additionally, Kendra has studied songwriting at the Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University.

In her community, Kendra partners with the Junior League of Los Angeles as a new member and advocate for foster youth.

For more information, visit and follow Kendra & the Bunnies on Instagram (@kenbunny), TikTok (@kendraandthebunnies), Facebook (@kendraandthebunnies), Twitter (@kenbunny), YouTube (@kendraandthebunnies) and Spotify (Kendra & the Bunnies).

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