Kim Gregory

Kim Gregory

Kim Gregory's Mother

Kim Gregory’s Mother

Kim Gregory's Mother Writing

Kim Gregory’s Mother Writing

Making sure one’s family gets the best care can be a challenge.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 27, 2022 / — In November, Kim Gregory’s mother (Maralyn Hough) called for help with severe hip and eye pain. The police came out and contacted Kim’s brother who had her transported to a hospital for treatment. Other than x-rays and analgesics, there was no treatment for the hip dysplasia which continued to cause Kim’s mother severe pain. They never offered any treatment for her eye pain. The hospital kept Kim’s mother for thirty days and, in that time, the hospital billed taxpayers over $88,000.00.

Kim’s mother is severely hard of hearing. Without her hearing aids, she has tremendous difficulty understanding what is being said to her. Even so, for 30 days in a row the hospital psychologist subjected her to a multi-point cognitive test.

The AMTS (Abbreviated Mental Test Score) is designed to detect cognitive impairment in a patient. It asks questions like “What is your age?” or gives instructions like “Count backwards from 20 down to 1.” Kim’s mother couldn’t hear the questions and the psychologist administering the test offered a negative report of her cognitive state.

Kim had to rush home from Los Angeles to help his mother and learned it was recommended his mother be placed in an $11,000.00 per month, 24/7 memory care facility two hours away from her home and family, but an APS (Adult Protective Services) agent was called in to visit her and check out her home environment. The agent did a full investigation and found no reason why she should not be allowed to stay in her own home.

Judge David M. Murkowski, Chief Judge Probate Court for Kent County, Michigan, appointed Kim as temporary guardian for his mother. (Case Number 08-185377-GA).

Kim says, “My mother is fully aware and has requested that I draw up paperwork for me to be her power of attorney.”

Kim Gregory is working with a number of people and organizations who help educate families and get them the assistance they need in his effort to end the poor care of his mother and others:

* Michigan Statewide Advocacy Services

* Michigan Long Term Care Ombudsman Program
* Emma White 
Director of Constituent Relations
Office of State Senator Winnie Brinks
* Mark E. Huizenga Senator, District 28
* Michigan Elder Justice Initiative
* Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
* National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse (Great)
* Peter Falk’s Daughter 
* Kent County Elder Abuse Coalition
* NCEA Team  
Department of Family Medicine 
Keck School of Medicine 
University of Southern California 
* Elder Law of Michigan
* Alzheimer’s Association

To help Kim and his mom, he can be reached at:

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