No Smoke

We Are Necessary!”

— King Royal

Royal Diamonds Entertainment LLC.
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Release: January 7, 2023

With Lennon Margiela & Sonny James

King Royal No Smoke

King Royal, Inland Empire native, is set to release his new single, “No Smoke” featuring label mates, Lennon Margiela and Sonny James. The song is produced by King Royal, T.J. Ivery and ChaseRanItUp, to showcase the new sound in Hip Hop, direct from Inland Empire (IE), California. The release of No Smoke is perfect timing and set to relay from the momentum from King Royal’s most recent record “Big Ol’ Checks. The new year, 2023, ushers in a big year for Royal Diamonds Entertainment, LLC. The label, spearheaded by TJ Ivery and Troi Jo’Vaughn Ivery, will release a compilation illuminating the entire roster. King Royal, Lennon Margiela, Tank Lamar, Sonny James, KP, and R&B singer Yin Yuhe are expected to make appearances on the album titled Money, Power, Respect. The compilation is set to release in the spring. Each artist is working on their personal projects. The wait is over, King Royal will release his long-awaited album, Empire’s Most Wanted in late spring.

Royal Diamonds Entertainment, LLC. is blazing with the sizzling heat to set the music industry on fire. King Royal and his labelmates found the recipe. Blending skill and intuition, they had direction. Joined by ChaseRanItUp, the unique beats and lyrics were forged into a new sound. Industry veteran, ChaseRanItUp has produced songs for music industry artist such Chance The Rapper, Pooh Shiesty, Boosie Badazz, Sada Baby and more. Royal Diamonds Entertainment, LLC. Is changing the game.

Hit single “wholelottaguap” elevated King Royal‘s status as the most watched HipHop artist in the region. His social media presence steadily rises as he powers up a new sound and brings honor to the IE. The teaser sizzle tantalized fans, then the single dropped with an immediate response from followers across all levels of social media from Instagram to Spotify and Apple. On the new track, King Royal set the mood by hopping on a captivating beat, expressing the Inland Empire’s need for his presence. The enticing chorus is playful, talking about that feeling of receiving a Big Ol’ Checks. Streams are blowing up and social media is on fire as the world awaits the rapper’s upcoming studio album. “Empire’s Most Wanted” presented by Royal Diamonds Entertainment, LLC.

King Royal speaks truth as he creates a higher standard for Hip Hop. The entrepreneur is a California native from The IE (Inland Empire, CA) with an eye on the future. He is a storyteller, with a lyrical vehicle that defies genre as he glides between categories to engage listeners in a journey with stark variances in cadence, verbiage and beats to seduce ears with the beauty of sound and the mind with realities of an out-of-control world. As a producer and lyricist his choice of precise language enchants growing audiences, blowing away all genre labels and the inherent skepticism between styles. His goal is to focus on inspiring others to manifest their dreams and believe on a higher level of life. His quest is to deliver meaningful bodies of work. The purpose is to encourage rap culture to be Hip Hop again with the heart and passion of upwardly mobile audiences with dreams. Disappointed in media coverage of The IE he chose to elevate regional awareness. King Royal built his empire and shared his pride in the IE, a California hidden gem, as a prominent part of his journey.

When asked about the future and advancement of Royal Diamonds Entertainment, LLC in such an unpredictable climate, King Royal clearly states, “We Are Necessary!”

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No Smoke