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IRVINE, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES, October 31, 2022 / — KP RE Capital Group (KP RE) intends to launch its aggregation, servicing Fintech Lending Strategy platform to ring in the new year with commitments from private investors.

KP RE is a US-based private lender that funds real estate investors and developers with bridge and fix & flip loans. Over the past 4 years, KP RE has originated 100 of millions in loans and recently launched its own fund with a sub-REIT.

The fund seeks to invest into diverse portfolios of corporate credit risk on a senior or mezzanine basis and well as KP RE’s in-house originated loans with the GP’s preferred markets or NYC and Los Angeles metro. The capital is flexible and can scale rapidly with growth Get access to our GP Offering here or contact Scott Ward.

More recently, KP RE has invested heavily in developing proprietary systems using APIs, Open Banking, access to private and institutional capital Credit facilities, in-house servicing and cloud-based, artificial intelligence driven technologies to prospect, assess and monitor credit risk. As well as offering funding for lenders, KP RE’s technology infrastructure will subsequently be available to partners to roll out their own lending propositions.

In recent years, fintech aggregators have traded, purchased and balance sheet hundreds of billions in US private loans which is growing exponentially. With all numerous challenges the industry currently faces in the private lending world, KP RE Is providing a concise but simple solutions with highly experienced leaders from every corner of the real estate and lending industry.

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